Thanks to a multitude of ways millennials consume media, it makes sense that the generation who experienced an analogue youth and the rise of the digital era would embrace all the new changes that have since surfaced.

Older millennials were the ones who learnt how to tune a VCR back in the day, but in today’s society, they are enjoying the freedom technological advances have given them in recent years. When asking why millennials are enjoying live streaming more than ever, you also have to ask, why wouldn’t they?

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Live Streaming Games

The internet has allowed us to have pretty much any information we desire at the touch of a button. Unlike the baby boomers, millennials have grown up online, and that makes them a valuable market for sites that stream live sports or games they would previously have to look elsewhere for.

Online casinos are enjoying somewhat of a surge in popularity in recent years, and millennials are thought to be the generation that spends the most online. Older generations such as the baby boomers and Gen X are making the shift to online gambling and live streaming sports games, but tend to prefer to frequent bricks and mortar casinos.

Online casinos offering free spins Canada and other regions where online gambling is allowed has revolutionized how millennials experience gameplay. As well as offering that instant gratification that gambling in the traditional sense can’t. Playing games online and watching live streams is showing no signs of decrease in popularity for the Millennials.

Fewer Interruptions

TV on demand has changed the way we consume movies and TV shows. Long gone are the days of having to rush around in an ad break and getting back before your favorite show starts again. Miss anything and you would never be able to watch it again. Times have changed, and now millennials are more likely to pay more for their streaming services than for cable.


Surveys into why millennials live stream more than any other generation have shown that one of the main benefits to streaming services is that they can watch what they want when they want to and without adverts. Streaming services such as Netflix allow the consumer to break free from scheduling restrictions and avoid having to skip or sit through advertisements that aren’t relevant.

This feeds into the instant gratification and desire to get what they need when they need it in a way that cable services aren’t.

Being Connected

There are so many ways to watch live streams and a major player in social media. Millennials are old enough to have had a MySpace page, and now, while they may prefer to spend their time making TikToks, they are still streaming and controlling what it is that they want and need to know.

News updates are instant, and in real-time, live streams remove the delay in finding out what is happening around the world. This is not only news, but education and learning adapted to changes in consumer habits, and you can now attend classes online without having to travel to a fixed place of learning. You can even practice your faith online too should you wish to remove the need to head to church or a place of worship.

Why Millennials Enjoy Live Streaming

From playing games to being kept up to date, there is no denying that live streaming holds a certain appeal with millennials that they aren’t quite ready to give up just yet. Will this change with age? Who knows! Whereas Gen Z is known to be more cautious with their online activities when compared to millennials, there will always be a need for live streaming. Companies who can benefit from live streaming have already jumped on the bandwagon and as technology advances, so does how the world uses it and experiences life too.