Not everyone is fortunate enough to pursue a university degree – if you do get to experience that, make sure that you use that time to its fullest. University comes with multiple new experiences and new possibilities, and students need to make the most out of their university life. In order to not have a lifelong regret wishing you’d done more during university, listed below are five things that you should do while you are still in university:

Take online courses

Learning is a lifelong process and just because you are enrolled in university, it doesn’t mean that you do not need any external skills. University doesn’t teach you everything, and you should seriously consider taking online learning courses relevant to your career goal and field. The great thing about online courses is that they offer flexibility and convenience for the student, and also facilitate self-paced learning and hence high retention.

Additionally, most online courses feature skills and content that is needed in the job market, but has not yet been adopted by universities – which go through a rigorous and planned curriculum development process. In order to make themselves more employable, it is imperative that students opt for online courses.

Do internships and small jobs

If their university and visa status allows so, students should enroll themselves in internships and perform small jobs on and off campus. Not only do these experiences help you develop as a person, they also help you expand your experience on your CV, and show employers how diverse you are in terms of your experience and workability. In addition to quantity, students should also focus on the quality of their internships and take up jobs that add to their skills or teach them a valuable skill rather than working at a fast food restaurant or a local cinema.

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Start a small business

Students that have some sort of an entrepreneurial experience or a non-profit initiative during their university life tend to do much better in their professional lives later on. This is because such ventures instill management and leadership skills in the student at an early stage and allow them to understand the realities of failure, teamwork and coordination. Individuals could start a public-service campaign, a blog, a club or society, a social event, or a small business or handmade goods – the possibilities are endless and so are the benefits.

Find your mentor

Students who find their mentors during university tend to have much more guidance in all their academic and professional decisions. During university life, the best mentors tend to either alumni from your university or your professors. Whoever you choose to mentor you should be compatible with you personality wise, and be experienced in your field or area of interest. They should be knowledgeable about your chosen area of study and share similar passions. 

Travel abroad

Most individuals often only find ample time to travel abroad during their university life – it is easier to plan trips with 15 of your friends during university, and rather impossible to do so at a later time in your life. Also, summer breaks and vacations are only recurring and feasible during university life and unless you end up working as a university professor, the chances of you having a summer break every year are rather slim.

Additionally, traveling enriches your overall personality and experiences. One gets to learn the importance of diversity, tolerance and patience in much more details than would have been otherwise possible. Also, the emotional experience of traveling with your friends and making new memories during university life is unmatchable, and this entire experience contributes to your personal life in a very meaningful way.

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