We will be reviewing a few tips on building habits and incorporating tools that will improve your productivity in daily life.

The first question to tackle is: Why do I need to improve my productivity?

And the answer is quite straightforward: So you can do things that are meaningful to you and so you can accomplish your tasks and objectives in an efficient way and in less time.

This will in time bring you more fulfillment and happiness and drastically reduce stress while fostering a healthy mindset if youโ€™re an entrepreneur.

Productivity incorporates different topics that weโ€™ll review next.

Time organization

Keeping order in your life is essential for you to be productive. The first essential for this is to incorporate the use of a calendar. As the productivity guru, David Allen, once said: โ€œYour brain is for having ideas, not for holding themโ€. The goal of a calendar, whether itโ€™s a physical calendar or a digital calendar like Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, is to write down every appointment, every dinner, every meeting, or even every birthday you will attend.

A calendar is not only a great tool for remembering the stuff that you have to do but also, it will save you time when new appointments come up and you have to assign time slots for new things to do in the future. And most important, it will allow you to block time for the things you really want to do in the week.

Tasks optimization

Depending on your work, job, or activity you perform daily, you will have tasks to accomplish. The job tasks add up to the daily tasks we all have at home and that have to do with our families or children.

And to become more productive at the time of accomplishing tasks itโ€™s recommended to incorporate a โ€œTo-do listโ€ that you can write down in a notebook or on your smartphone. Start by filling up the most important thing that you must do in the day and follow up with less important things that are not essential for you that day.

When you organize your tasks according to their importance, you will be able to focus your energy on the most urgent matters, and the most stressful things will be tackled and taken out of your day first.


With the growing trend of remote working, freelancers are benefitting from being able to work from any part of the world. But when youโ€™re new in a country, work is only a portion of the day and in order to remain productive, you need to engage in social or entertainment activities to disconnect from your job.

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Media consumption

Weโ€™re living in a society of mass consumption of media. Itโ€™s not only on television that we consume media products, but in todayโ€™s world, itโ€™s everywhere. We went from reading articles in the newspaper to reading them on social networks, and this adds up to books, audiobooks, podcasts, YouTube videos, reels, or blogs.

We receive so many stimuli every day, that itโ€™s impossible to catch up with everything. But there are tools that help manage the overload of media out there.

Kindle is a perfect way of carrying hundreds of books in a single digital tablet so you can read comfortably from anywhere. The app Instapaper allows you to save any article links for later, so you donโ€™t miss any interesting news while you surf online, or stumble on an article while checking Twitter.

Itโ€™s very easy to get distracted when we engage in activity with our smartphones, but with a read-it-later app, you can store the media youโ€™re interested in and save it for when you have the time to dedicate to its reading or watching.