Cloud 10 Introduces Customizable Hair Care Products to the Beauty World

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Long, short, thick, thin, straight, curly and everything in-between — your hair is as unique as you are, so why treat it like anyone else’s? You know your hair’s specific needs better than anyone. Why trust your locks to one-size-fits-all products?

Those are the questions Cloud 10 set out to answer. With the creation of its innovative platform, Cloud 10 allows you to customize your own shampoo and conditioner to address what you want to achieve with your hair care routine. Need volume? Want to tame frizz? Looking to define your curls? You can find products everywhere that address those concerns, but finding your dream shampoo and conditioner combination that even includes your preferred scent and lather is something else entirely, and is just part of the customized hair care experience.

Cloud 10’s Build Your Own Program

The create-your-own product movement is one of the many trends shaking up the hair care industry. Millennials are radically changing how we approach caring for our locks. According to Cloud 10’s Millennial Hair Care Report, there is a clear shift toward less maintenance and less time spent doing our hair. Of the 1,000 women polled, only 15 percent report washing their hair daily. Instead, most opt for two or three times per week. Additionally, 63 percent report spending 15 minutes or less on their hair every day, and 30 percent opt for a bun when faced with a bad hair day. This creates an obvious desire for no-fuss products that allow us to get out the door quickly while still looking our best.

The millennial-driven focus on health consciousness is also on full display in this report. In the same report, almost a quarter (22 percent) of the women surveyed said they never use shampoo or conditioner containing sulfates, parabens and other harsh chemicals that can damage hair. Another 32 percent say they only occasionally use such products.

With these changing needs in mind, Cloud 10 has stepped up in a big way by offering a service tailored to help make your hair dreams come true. With one quick quiz, you can create a shampoo and conditioner pair that focuses on your own problem areas and concerns. You can then choose a lather type and scent, and even customize their products’ labels with various designs and your name. Even better, whatever formula you create will be free of sulfates and parabens. And after you’ve created your perfect blend, you can also check out the array of styling products, including the Ultra Nourishing Oil, Leave-In Curl Conditioner and Volumizing Spray.

Whatever your personalized hair needs are, Cloud 10 has you covered. Try it out for yourself at

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