7 Foods That Are Good for Healthy Teeth  

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You may have heard that there are some foods that you should avoid if you want to have healthy teeth. Soda and sugar are usually on your dentists list of foods to avoid if you do not want to develop a cavity. However, did you know that there are also foods out there that you should eat specifically because they have a positive impact on your dental health? We are going to discuss six foods that are really good for your teeth.


One of the first foods that we’ll talk about is milk. Milk is terrific when it comes to having healthy teeth because of how much calcium and other nutrients that it provides. In addition, it lowers the acid levels inside your mouth, which helps to prevent tooth decay. You should definitely consider drinking more milk.


Fish is amazing because of how many vitamins and minerals are packed into them. Some of the most important nutrients that your body needs can be found inside fatty fish like tuna and wild salmon. Most meat is good for your oral health with lots of terrific nutrients packed into every bite, but fish is especially important.


Nuts are also great for your teeth, packed with stuff like calcium and phosphorus. Brazil nuts, cashews and almonds are especially helpful because they have properties that fight bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Many Fresh Fruits

Lots of fresh fruits are terrific for your teeth. Citrus fruits are acidic, which you should avoid, but oranges have lower acid levels than other fresh fruits. You can definitely have strawberries, which help with whitening your teeth, apples, cranberries and a whole lot more.


Yogurt is amazing when it comes to oral health. For one thing, yogurt has calcium and probiotics which protect against gum disease and cavities. Yogurt even helps combat bad breath. You should definitely add yogurt to your diet daily.


Garlic is another wonder food when it comes to good oral health. Garlic has allicin which helps to fight the bacteria inside your mouth. Those bacteria often cause tooth decay and periodontal disease.


Onions also fight the bacteria that cause disease inside your mouth. However, they have to be used raw in order to be most effective. Onions specifically target the type of bacteria that causes oral diseases.

The Bottom Line

It is extremely important that you practice good oral hygiene and that you eat foods like these to keep your teeth healthy. If not, you might end up needing dental procedures like getting braces, dental implants or worse. At the end of the day, you have to do your due diligence and see the dentist regularly to for a set of healthy pearly whites. Unfortunately, cavities, tooth decay or oral disease will not go away with just a change of diet. Neglecting your routine dental check-ups may cause possible oral damage due to neglect and lack of a professional diagnosis. If you need a recommendation on where to get started, go on and pursue a healthy smile with Dentist in Turlock — you will not regret taking this first step.

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