Drones, quadcopter and UAV’S have been apart of society since time immemorial, but it has been in recent times that they have gained more popularity among the people due to their immense useful nature in various different ways.

Drones are making in lot of headlines these days as companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google are looking out for new ways to make these high quality drones work for them and make a much better world in the coming future.

Here we have come up with a list of some uncanny yet interesting ways in which drones are currently being used in the world and where they will be used in the next decades with the advancements in existing technologies.

1. Photography

Taking photos with drones is a new hobby for teens and adults, who have started adoring this style for the past few years. With the new and high tech drones coming every day like DJI Mavic pro etc. which give the consumer the ability to capture some awesome moments with high resolution 4k cameras attached to them at affordable pricing, the demand on drones has just began and soon it will be a mass market product seen in every house hold in the world.

Whether you are on a holiday doing some action packed stunts or on jungle safari with your kids, these drones will help you capture all the best moments to cherish for a lifetime.

Many Instagram bloggers are also using selfie drone to capture amazing picture of themselves while eating scrumptious food prepared on the best electric griddles and doing other adventure activities to attract more followers.

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To see some of the best and cool drone images you can check out Drone Insanity on Twitter.

2. Research

Drones and high end quadcopters seems to be a very useful tools in doing research work in various fields. Whether studying about animal life, their behaviors and routines in dense forest areas or any other areas where humans can’t reach, these UAV’s have proceed their worth and helped us explore the world more easily.

3. Recreation Purposes

From the recent few months it has been found that drones are being also used in many recreational activities, like drone racing. As per recent analysis and study, drone racing is in its initial stages but it will become a mainstream sport very soon, as many people are getting to know this real fast, thanks to organizations like the Drone Racing League. The organization tas taken the initiative to organize drone races every year since 2016 and give away big prizes to winners to bring in more professionals and drone flying hobbyists to come join the race, and play it with zeal with their top quality and fast drones.

4. Disaster relief services

Drones are also being used for disaster relief services nowadays by many people and governments. Recently a person from Holland was saved from a heart attach with the help of a drone ambulance. Drones are also being used by government to supply food to disaster hit areas where humans can’t physically go.

Drone use in relief operations will ramp up in the coming years, saving more lives and making disaster aftermath more manageable.

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5. Videography

Drones are very useful in capturing high end videos in 4k and above resolution. They are also being used to shoot many movies, acting like an eye in the sky, shooting from different angels which can’t be captured from a normal videographer or traditional helicopter.

Be it your sports stunts in the Alps, your wedding coverage or just sneaking around the neighborhood from a bird’s eye view, the portable drones like DJI Mavic with a high resolution camera has got it all covered for you.

Besides this, some high end GoPro drones like Karma with a good quality camera are also being used to capture water sports, and even sports events like WWE, cricket matches, and food events where variety of dishes are prepared in top quality cooking grill.

6. Drone Delivery

After conducting a lot of rigorous testing routines and finding the effectiveness of drones to maneuver the high load capacity on them while moving, many companies like Amazon have started beta programs of drone delivery to send the consumer goods to their address via drone to make it fast and cost effective solution of delivery in coming future.

Besides that companies like Fly Zipline have also come up with drone ambulances to deliver medicine and blood with drones to required spots very fast without any intrusion from road traffic to help people and doctors save more lives.

7. Drones as a gift

Now days you will also find that many people are buying drones as a gift for their kids’ birthday or Christmas, as kids like these little mini drones a lot. It has become a favorite pass time for many kids to go out and fly these Nano drones.

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But you may worry about how to find nice drones that fit your budget and that your children will also like, for that you can check out few reviews on sites like Mini Drone Review before buying a drone to get find the right drone for your kids in affordable prices, which will help you save some money to get the best air purifiers for making the kids’ room air purified and clean.

Carving the future of drones

It’s an inevitable fact the technology will take new forms and become better each day till we cease to exist, so will the drones to help us to make our life healthy and simplified. It is just a start for drones to evolve and the day is not far enough when we would be able to see some cool AI powered drones working with high end robots in synchronization with humans to get the toughest tasks done easily with gestures. Mind telepathy is next with only a few decades down the line to make our life simplified.

Drones are here to stay, so keep flying and keep enjoying.