If you haven’t already noticed, working out today is completely different to what it was a decade ago. Earlier, whenever you thought of fitness, the first thought that came to the most of our minds was hitting the gym. Of course, there were yoga, aerobics and spinning classes but it was understood that the intense training happened within the four walls of a gym. However over the last decade, the changing attitudes of consumers have caused gyms to transform.

This change in fitness facilities has been triggered by Millennials who not only have emerged as the most health conscious generation but also one that is fast-paced and goal-oriented. This generation has a passion for trying new things which is why boutique studios are so alluring to them.

Fitness Boutique Studios – the more enjoyable approach to working out

As observers of the drastic shift in the industry, personal trainers themselves are making the switch toward fitness boutique studios from conventional gyms. Fitness boutique studios now make up the majority of the fitness industry. The previous generation appeared to be content with treadmills, exercise bikes and strength training with the equipment provided by most gyms. Millennials on the other hand, want variety from their workouts, they want specialized classes like cross-training, aerial silk, Zumba and many others.

Picking up on the trends, conventional gyms are now undergoing a transformation by offering small studios that hold a variety of classes during the week. These classes tend to be more personalized. After some research, gyms found that Millennials have very specific wants when it comes to fitness. They definitely value fitness but they also want to have a good time. They like the idea of being part of a class with other people and working together on a common goal; they value companionship. At the same time, they like to mix things up. This need to keep things exciting has led to gyms and sports facilities to hold of-the-moment classes such as Reggae Dance Hall Workout and Stand-up Paddle Boarding along with typical Yoga and Spinning classes.

But even after offering classes in smaller studios, gyms aren’t able to secure Millennials as regular customers. One big reason for this is that Millennials don’t like to be held down. Those long-time memberships that gyms usually make us sign-up for? They don’t go down too well with this spunky generation. Millennials aren’t fond of being tied down whether it’s a job, a country or even a gym. They like having freewill and the ability to pick and choose what workout they want to engage in. This has led to companies such as FitReserve which allow customers to pick 10 boutique classes a month for a discounted price. There are hundreds of classes that take place every month across the country which don’t require people to make long-term commitments – just pay a small amount of cash and enjoy your class for the day. The inflexibility of gyms is inconvenient for this generation.

Save Money & Time and Workout at Home

Other than boutique studios, many Millennials don’t feel the need to leave their homes at all for a workout. Why spend cash on working out at all when it can be done in the comfort of your home? The Internet opens you up to a world of workout routines that can help you break a sweat and burn calories at home. You don’t need to spend much or go out to stay in shape, you can have an effective workout by exercising with a stability ball, medicine ball, resistance band or even just a pair of light weights at home.

The Perks of Fitness Boutique Studios

As Millennials get older, they have more spending power but choose to be wise about it. At face-value gyms may seem like the cheaper option when compared to boutique classes but when you take into account how often you are forced to skip the gym for other commitments, it becomes apparent that you’re just wasting money. On the other hand, boutique classes keep you accountable. You get to pick which ones you want to attend based on your schedule and you’re charged a penalty fee for cancelling last minute.

For Millennials, price isn’t the problem. It’s more to do with the camaraderie that comes with working out with friends and other people. Millennials view working out as a way of relieving stress rather than just as a means to being fit and it becomes much more enjoyable when you do it within a group. Boutique studios offer them a thrill of trying something new and let them spend time with their friends as well. If gyms want to keep up, they need to come up with a strategy to combine both these elements.