Having an outdoor in your home is such a bonus! Especially if you have children and a family, but also if you simply love hosting guests, a secret little outdoor spot can be the perfect little hideout that makes you feel like you’re not even home.

But, if you haven’t spent too much time fixing it up and making it comfortable, you can start to resent the unused space. If this is you and you want to make a change, let’s start today! 

Create your vision

The best way to get started on a project like this is to begin creating your vision. Your vision will be informed by your décor style, your taste, and how you want to use the space. Here are some questions that will help inform the research necessary to get started:

  • What do you want to do in the space?
  • Will there be a barbecue area?
  • What is your envisioned theme or color scheme?
  • What style of furniture do you want?
  • What else would you like to do in this area?
  • Which plants or trees would you like in the space?

A couple of things essential to remember regards your furniture is the amount of space available and the weather in your area. For more limited areas, consider multipurpose furniture, like benches with built-in storage for cushions or blankets. With regards to the weather, you need to keep in mind how wind and rain will impact the durability of the materials. There are lots of options, so research until you’re happy with your choices.

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If you’re struggling with ideas, perhaps take some time to look on Pinterest. What you choose should be done with the same vision in mind, so as to remain consistent in your style

Plants, plants, and more plants!

Selecting plants is such a fun and easy way to create a garden paradise, but there are some things to keep in mind that will influence your choices, such as:

  • choosing a wide selection of plants and flowers that will keep your outdoor space filled with greenery throughout the year, not just blooming in Spring. You do not a bare space for most of the year, so this is crucial to plan.
  • considering how big your plants or trees will be at full maturation and accommodating for this growth.
  • deciding how much work you’re willing to put into their watering and maintenance needs.

If you’d like a more low-maintenance plant and grass selection, there are some things you can do from the outset to reduce maintenance requirements. Firstly, Bovees suggest investing in some low maintenance grass, as this will go a long way in ensuring you don’t spend hours on end tending to the intense watering. Plus, choose plants native to the area means they are likely to flourish naturally, reducing the chance of disappointing growth. 

Another tip is to not be shy to use all levels when considering your plants, as a variety of vertical planters and potted plants creates lovely depth, making your space more exciting! 

How private is your garden?

For some families, privacy is a big deal. If you are in a space where your garden isn’t exactly private, using vertical planters or fencing is a simple way to create this privacy. You should make sure to check visibility from your neighbors by standing in your outdoor area and from a seated position (as you would use the area). Importantly, consider how the wind would impact standing features like a fence. 

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What kind of lighting would you like?

Lighting is extremely important, so think carefully about where you will place your lights. In addition to the primary lighting fixtures, contemplate giving your paradise area some interesting and ambient lighting, for example, a string of lights along the walking path, or in the trees close by. Perhaps you’d prefer standing lamps or lanterns? This is your special area, so choose exactly what you like.

If you’re not sure which lighting fixtures are right for you, professionals like Blingle can help you choose the perfect mix of lights to create a garden paradise.

Great stuff! So you’ve decided on your style, chosen furniture, and lighting, created privacy through fencing, and selected your plants and trees. Now, which outdoor features and accessories would you like to have access to in your stunning outdoor family space? 

Outdoor features

Some of the following are of the most adored features and accessories – some extra décor options – that can help turn your space into a haven:

  • hammock
  • fire pit
  • a play area for young kids
  • heat lamps
  • a walking path
  • decorative lights

Once your outdoor sanctuary is beautifully designed and decorated, stay updated with garden styling trends you might want to incorporate into your space!

In terms of maintenance, pay attention to your plants and soil. Take care of any pests that might carry bacterial infections harmful to humans, for example, soil mites. Keep the area as clean and neat as possible and finally, enjoy this paradise with your family and loved ones!

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