If you belong to the generation of Millennials, pressured by high levels of unemployment caused by The Great Recession and you’re addicted to media and new technologies, the laid-back Australian life may be the best place to catch your breath and detach yourself from the world’s troubles for some time. And there is no place that represents ‛The Hobbit’s’ relaxed approach to life better than Perth.

This capital city of Western Australia that is kind of isolated between the Nullarbor desert and the Indian Ocean is far from a deserted island – it has a large number of attractions for every taste, from nightclubs to museums and theatres, so you can literally feel the cultural pulse.

But maybe the most pleasant sight for the eyes ruined by computer screens is the natural beauty this city has, with its native wildlife. All these things are the reason why Perth is one off the most popular touristic places in Australia and you can easily get seduced by a wide range of touristic offers you can see in other places. That’s why we’ve put together a list of stops for some unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Into the sea

If you come to the place like Perth, the first impulse you’ll get will probably be to escape from the hubbub of urban life. Luckily, because of its location, a great portion of everyday life goes on around the sea. There are many interesting shorelines, but one that really gets the most of this kind of location is definitely Hillarys Boat Harbour because of its suitable for visitors of all ages, with something for everyone. The setting is perfect with the picturesque view of the Indian Ocean and there is a really good yacht club for those who want to ‛sail away’. There are a lot of additional recreational activities and if you’re more the looking type you can always visit The Aquarium of Western Australia. The best thing is that it’s only a 30 minutes drive from the city center.

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Up in the air

For the ultimate feeling of the detachment of all your troubles, you should definitely check out the history of Australia’s aviation. This is a country whose air travel dates back to the very first and pioneering days of aviation. You can witness this great historical experience at the Aviation Heritage Museum that is located in the suburbs (again, away from the crowd!). There you’ll be lead through the evolution of both military and civilian aviation set up in an enchanting display, which consists of 30 aircrafts, most of them restored originals.

There are also some very organized guided tours, such as the ‛Inside Lancaster’ personalized tour of the iconic British-made Lancaster Bomber, flown by the 460th Squadron of a Royal Australian Force during World War II.

For those of you who yawned at the previous sentence and want the real experience of floating in the great sky of freedom, there is a place called the Avon Valley where you can go through the wonderful experience of hot air ballooning. This idyllic place with its rural landscape of the rolling hills, endless green fields, and meandering streams combined with the oldest method of flight can really take you over the rainbow to the land of Ozz. The only missing part is the fact that you won’t be able to bring your Toto with you, but don’t worry because Perth is the place with one of the best pet accommodation services.

Into the green

It is well-known that nature in the form of vast green spaces is the place where people feel most relaxed because it creates the environment of well-being that frees us from the stress of everyday life. And right here in Perth, you can experience the most of it through the 59 hectares of gardens that consist of a wide range of native and exotic species of plants in the Araluen Botanic Park. You’ll be enchanted with tea roses, tulips, and internationally recognized camellias. Your senses will be overflown by Blackbutt, Marri, and Eucalyptus, while you enjoy various concerts and gardening events.

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If you have the urge to walk on the wild side among numerous native anials such as koalas, possums, wallabies, wombats and well-known Tasmanian devils, Caversham Wildlife Park will make you feel at home. This diverse place will enable you to have a close-up encounter with all these animals and even hand-feed iconic kangaroos, as stated by thrilled visitors at TripAdvisor.

And for those of you who want to feel the nature inside of them, there is no better place than Fremantle Markets where you can satisfy your ‛shop till you drop’ hunger while cleansing your organism at the same time. The ultimate pleasure of a wide range of fresh and exotic products will be complemented with live performances and music that will really make you feel like the king of the jungle.

All in all, weather you are a millennial who’s trying to escape the urban jungle and find a piece of mind in the green valleys making friends with local animal, diving into the deep blue sea, exploring the city from a hot balloon or are maybe more keen on the traditional exploration approach and learning about the rich heritage – Perth offers the full package.