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© Gitano Miami, Rooftop

Set within the enchanting walls of Casa Faena, GITANO Miami is a vibrant tropical paradise that transports its patrons to the magical jungles of Mexico. With a fusion of bohemian flair and glamorous aesthetics, this eclectic eatery and cocktail haven beckons the free-spirited souls of Miami Beach to embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

In the spirit of the Miami Gypsy, Millennial had the pleasure of going on our own gustatory journey to explore GITANO’s captivating world of flavors, cocktails, and vibes.

Jungle Mixology: Cocktails to Savor

Our evening commences with an array of handcrafted cocktails that tantalizes the senses and celebrates a delightful union of Tulum and Miami.

Millennial Magazine - Travel - Food and Drink - Gitano Miami Cocktails

© Gitano Miami, Featured Cocktails (left to right) “Kisses in the Car” and “Jungle Fever”

“Kisses in the Car” seduces palates with the mystical blend of Vida Mezcal, Rum, Passionfruit, Lemon, Orange, and a hint of Habanero. The sweet and spicy mezcal margarita takes the concept of balance to new heights, leaving a trail of tropical passion on the lips.

On the other hand, “Jungle Fever” mesmerizes with its fusion of Vida Mezcal, Chile, Lime, and Cilantro, and by request, brightens with a touch of simple syrup. This verdant concoction pays homage to nature’s vibrancy, enhanced by the essence of a lush jungle.

Appetizers: Guacamole, Tostadas, & Grandma’s Meatballs

Millennial Magazine - Travel - Food and Drink - Gitano Miami Guacamole

© Gitano Miami, Guacamole

GITANO Miami sets the stage for an extraordinary dining experience with their simple yet sublime Guacamole & Chips. A true work of art, this basic yet celestial guacamole achieves perfection with the ideal lime-to-salt ratio, accentuating the avocado’s delicate flavors. Accompanied by freshly cooked and perfectly seasoned chips, this appetizer epitomizes simplicity done right. 

The Baja California Kampachi Tostada proves to be a revelation of flavor fusion. With grilled avocado, fermented chiles, and ginger, this small but mighty dish transports diners on a cross-cultural journey. The infusion of Polynesian flavors into the Yucatan creates a symphony of taste that leaves diners craving more.

Millennial Magazine - Travel - Food and Drink - Gitano Miami Tostadas

© Gitano Miami, (left to right) Lobster Tostada, Baja California Kampachi Tostada

Meanwhile, the Lobster Tostada, with Mexican Yuzukosho, radish pico de gallo, and chile morita, tantalizes with its creamy yet crisp texture. Although delightful, it plays second fiddle to the show-stopping Baja California Kampachi Tostada, which leaves an indelible mark on the taste buds.

Millennial Magazine - Travel - Food and Drink - Gitano Miami Bison Meatballs

© Gitano Miami, Wagyu Chipotle Albondigas

In a seamless transition from sea to land, the Wagyu Chipotle Albondigas, featuring Bison meatballs, queso panela, and epazote, steals the show as a comforting and decadent choice. The richness of flavors accompanied by a kick of spice leaves a lasting impression. The sauce itself is a masterpiece that seems to have simmered to perfection for hours, resulting in a dish that embodies the true spirit of The Abuelita.

Main Course: Prime Ribeye Extravaganza

The climax of the dining experience was the Creekstone Farms Prime Ribeye. Marinated and seasoned with chile de arbol, cambray onions, and galangal, this 8oz piece of heaven elevates a spin on carne asada tacos.

Millennial Magazine - Travel - Food and Drink - Gitano Miami Ribeye

© Gitano Miami, Creekstone Farms Prime Ribeye

The depth of flavor is extraordinary, combining sweet, tangy, spicy, juicy, and tender elements in every bite. Served with fresh handmade tortillas, grilled shallots and shishito peppers, salsa roja, verde, cilantro and lime, this steak captures the very essence of Executive Chef Antonio Maldonaldo’s culinary genius.

Dessert: Churros and Wine Sorbet

The grand finale arrived with a duo of extraordinary desserts. The Corn Ash Churros, made with ceniza de maiz, cinnamon sugar, topped with an unexpected salty popcorn, and served with corn ice cream, are a revelation of fried perfection.

Millennial Magazine - Travel - Food and Drink - Gitano Miami Churros

© Gitano Miami, Churros (before menu change; churros now include corn ice cream)

The crisp exterior gives way to a fluffy, donut-like interior, rolled in a cinnamon sugar coating. Paired with the velvety, dulcet tones of corn ice cream, and the unique burst of popcorn accents, this dessert transcends the ordinary and enters the realm of the divine.

A palate-cleansing delight followed in the form of the Valle de Guadalupe Red Wine Sorbet. Presented in an ice bowl and topped with blackberries, queso blanco, and hibiscus, this refreshing treat left a lingering memory of Guadalajara-inspiration.

GITANO Miami: A Gypsy Food Haven

With its tropical oasis, lush greenery and bohemian charm, GITANO beckons the wandering souls of Miami Beach to embark on a culinary odyssey like no other. Embracing the spirit of Tulum infused with Miami’s vibrant energy, this restaurant captures the hearts and palates of all who venture through its doors.

Millennial Magazine - Travel - Food and Drink - Gitano Miami Dining

© Gitano Miami Rooftop and Dining Room

Stellar cocktails, enthralling appetizers, main courses that redefine gourmet indulgence, and desserts that elevate the “sweet tooth,” GITANO transcends mere dining and becomes a lifestyle—an invitation to live a little, be a gypsy, and get around.

We wholeheartedly recommend GITANO Miami as a five-star dining experience. One that will reignite your passion for food and leave you wandering in an epicurean dream for days to come.