Best Gifts To Mail Your Family During The Quarantine

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Times are strange. The circumstances are tough. And that’s putting it lightly.

Now let’s say your family member will be celebrating a birthday amid quarantine. Usually, you’d head over with a present in hand. Perhaps you’d deliver a homemade treat, and you’d all share a piece. Or, you might just meet for dinner and drinks somewhere special. You can’t really do any of that now.

Still, you can celebrate and honor the people you love from a safe distance. Check out these gifts you can have delivered to them for a mid-quarantine celebration. Even if it’s not the birthday party you had in mind, you can still make it special. Here are some of the best gifts to mail during the quarantine:

1. Houseplants

Houseplants are all the rage these days, and it’s not a coincidence. Having greenery in your house has been shown to provide a wealth of benefits to you. For one thing, plants naturally filter toxins from the air and churn out cleaner, fresher oxygen for you to breathe. Plus, simply having foliage nearby can boost concentration and creativity while you work. This facet is a great quarantine-centric benefit since many people are working from home.

So, search online for a houseplant delivery service and pick out a nice, new piece of greenery for your loved one. They’ll get all of the good plant vibes they need in this stressful time, thanks to you.

2. Loungewear

Nearly 60 percent of all of America’s knowledge workers are doing their job from home now. As such, they’re ditching their business-casual gear in favor of comfy clothes in which they can lounge around the house. Voila! Another one of those easy gifts to mail.

You can brighten your family member’s day by adding a cute outfit to their loungewear repertoire. A coordinating seat of joggers and a knit top would make them feel good about their look, even if they’re the only ones who see it. Plus, everyone wants to feel as cozy as possible during such an uncertain time. Good loungewear can make that dream into a reality.

3. Specialty Food

A birthday calls for a delicious meal. You can’t meet your family member at a restaurant to celebrate their birthday, so send restaurant-quality food or ingredients to them.

For example, let’s say your dad loves seafood. On his birthday or even on Father’s Day, you can send him fresh lobsters for him to cook. And, if he doesn’t have a favorite recipe, find lobster-centric meal ideas that are easy to make. Lobster quiche is just one Father’s Day-ready seafood recipe to try.

4. Herb-Growing Kit

This idea falls in line with the houseplant suggestion, although an herb garden serves a slightly different purpose. Your family member will feel a sense of purpose as they sow and cultivate their herb seeds. Then, once their plants start to sprout, they get the added benefit of using their herbs in recipes. It’s a great resource for fresh food during the quarantine — just-picked herbs are packed with enough flavor to amp up any meal.

5. Photo Album

Remember all of the good times you had with your mom, dad, sibling, or cousin pre-quarantine? They would probably love to reminisce on those moments now, especially since they can’t see you. So, log online and find a site where you can design a photo album and have it printed and sent to your loved one.

This gift is especially poignant if you’ve just celebrated a big family milestone, such as a wedding or birth of a baby. These photos are a keepsake, and your present will give your family member a way to reflect on life’s most beautiful moments.

6. Gift Cards

You’re probably thinking, “A gift card? That’s an impersonal gift.” But we think a gift card is a great option while we’re all in quarantine. You are giving your family member the chance to go online and shop, which is already a fun activity regardless. With a gift card packed with cash, though, they will have an even more exciting experience as they peruse and pop things in their cart. Then, when everything arrives, they get another little rush as they open the box and see their wares in person — it’s the little things in lockdown.

7. Candles and Aromatherapy Oils

It’s no secret that this is a stressful time for all of us. Encourage a bit of relaxation by purchasing a soothing candle for your parent, sibling, or other relatives. You might also try an aromatherapy diffuser with a set of essential oils adept at calming an anxiety flare-up. Lavender, jasmine, geranium and rose all fall into that category.

On that note, you can also buy wearable essential oils, too. Rolling on these soothing scents will help comfort your family member during this crazy time.

8. Kitchen Gadgets

Another tried-and-true quarantine pastime is baking. You’ll know if your family members have taken up such a hobby — they’ll either send you photos or post them on social media. Kitchen gadgets are easy gifts to mail.

If you’ve noticed your loved ones have fired up the oven more often than usual, make their culinary exploits even easier. Send over some new kitchen gadgets to make cooking or baking a breeze. For instance, a new set of mixing bowls gives them somewhere to mix up and combine their connections. Meanwhile, a wok, Instant Pot, electric kettle, or steak stone can transform more savory meals.

Show You Care, Pandemic or Not

You can’t be there to celebrate your family member’s big day. But you can still show you’re attending in spirit with a thoughtful, quarantine-minded present.

These are only eight of the many gift options you have in the midst of this pandemic. Get creative — no one knows your family like you. Soon enough, you’ll come up with the perfect gift to get them through this time. And, hopefully, shortly after that, you’ll all be back together again, with this pandemic a distant memory. That might be the greatest gift of all.

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Written by Jennifer Landis

Jennifer Landis is a millennial mom, wife, and is crazy passionate about health and wellness. She writes about it on her blog, Mindfulness Mama. She loves a good cup of tea and enjoys spending her free time running, doing yoga, and watching Doctor Who.

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