Finally, one of the long-awaited smartphones of 2015 has arrived on the market. After several months of speculation and leaked information about its features, Apple released the first wave of its iPhone 6s series.

Millennials have become the primary consumers of technologies and mobile devices. In research by Nielsen in 2014, it revealed that more than 85% of Generation Y own and use smartphones daily. The trend is expected to grow further as mobile devices become an important digital tool for work and personal uses.

iPhone 6s- smarter than most smartphones?

When it comes to technology, Millennials are very demanding – asking for new innovations, new features, and new designs. Although the iPhone 6s may sport the same appearance as its predecessor (iPhone 6), it boasts all the upgraded features Apple failed to include in its former flagship. Based on the handset’s O2 page, the smartphone is now built with the 3D Multi-touch technology, a A9 chipset and M9 motion coprocessor, iOS 9 with smarter and more responsive Siri, and more accurate Touch ID for secure mobile payment transactions. With these upgrades, it definitely lives up to its tagline: “The only thing that’s changed is everything.”

Sturdier than ever

Millennial Magazine- iPhone 6s

Apart from new and smarter technologies, many mobile device users are interested in how the handsets are made. This is especially true to those people who are active and engage in outdoor sports. Robust cellphones have been known for their bulky appearance in the past. So, it’s comforting that mobile manufacturers have started merging the features of robust and premium handsets making the latest smartphones, easier on the eye.

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From the iPhone 6’s metal finish, Apple gave the new handset a sturdier body by adopting the 7000 Series aluminum of the Apple Watch Sport. It is the same aluminum alloy used for many competition bicycles.

“We altered it to create a new alloy that’s just as light, yet even more durable — it’s 60 percent stronger than most aluminum, and one-third the density of stainless steel,” Apple explained in a MacRumors report. “Each case is machined and polished, then blasted with microscopic zirconia beads to achieve a consistent, satin texture. A special anodizing process creates a hard, clear outer layer that helps protect against scratches and corrosion.”

Productivity on the go

Apple has been known to release their flagships with their newest operating system. In the case of iPhone 6s, the handset arrived with iOS 9 that’s built with more productivity features than its predecessor.

The new Apple mobile OS comes with a split screen view that allows users to open and use two different apps simultaneously. The iCloud feature also got an upgrade with the arrival of the iCloud Drive and Apple email apps that work in the background and automatically sync data whenever an Internet connection is available. The 4G LTE connection is now two times faster than before as it can run up to 300 Mbps. They retained the productivity suite that allows you to produce text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from your device. But, what we love on the iPhone 6s is the new Siri that can now more accurately answers questions, with a humanized voice, and can work on the Home page. It can also recognize the owner’s voice when they say “Hey Siri!” and answer queries right away.

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 Clearer front and back cameras

Millennial Magazine- iPhone 6s

One of the features that many mobile users are waiting for is the upgraded camera. In today’s world where the photos we share with our friends and families online have defined social media, cameras have become vital components of new smartphone releases. Being an upgraded device, the new iPhone comes with a powerful 12-megapixel-rear camera and a 5-megapixel front shooter for clearer selfies and video calling functionalities. In addition, the 4K video technology will make every video on the iPhone 6s more vibrant than it used to be on previous released smartphones.

Smartphones have now become an important tech tool for most Millennials, as well as for work purposes. The arrival of the smarter and upgraded iPhone 6s defies what many Generation Y’s are looking for in a mobile device – smarter, powerful, handier, and more connected. We just hope Apple will resolve the battery issues, which have been plaguing them for a long time (because an additional 3 hours of usage is just not enough for us). What do you like and dislike about the new iPhone? What’s your ideal smartphone?