What can you find nowadays that isn’t on YouTube? Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has become one of the most popular and successful video-based websites on the internet. According to Variety, YouTube grossed $5.6 billion in ad revenue at the end of 2013. Aside from help from Google and creators: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, YouTube continues to find success and wealth in its content from the individuals that make this content-the YouTuber.

Top YouTube Contributors

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The evidence of a YouTuber’s success is in the numbers. Today, these are some the most popular and successful YouTubers worldwide:

  1. Ryan Higa (nigahiga) – Has 13.2 million subscribers and 1.9 billion total views. Higa’s videos are comedy and pop-culture related covering many facets including movies, TV, music or social issues. Higa initially broke through the industry by lip synching and making music related videos.
  2. Jenna Mourey (JennaMarbles) – Mourey has 14.2 million subscribers and 1.63 billion total views. She specializes in making comedy videos about social situations and pop culture issues. In her videos, she has a very light-hearted approach and often depicts a wide acting range.
  3. Hannah Hart (MyHarto)-Hart has 1.6 million subscribers and over 122 million views. Hart crafted her place among other successful YouTubers by starting her own program called Drunk Kitchen, where she cooks various cuisines while inebriated.
  4. Michelle Phan (Michelle Phan) – Phan has more than 7.2 million subscribers and 1.04 billion views. Her self-help beauty videos contain very positive and upbeat messages.
  5. The Fine Brothers – The Fine Brothers are famous for the React series where various people react to watching different kinds of videos among other things. They also have a series where they discuss spoilers for various topics.
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Important Things To Know As A YouTuber

Millions of aspiring YouTubers try to break-through the industry every day. However, inevitable hurdles and roadblocks await them as they embark on their journey through cyberspace.

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If you’re thinking about starting your own YouTube channel, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Why are you doing this? – Make your videos for the right reasons (more than just for the money). Wanting to reach a larger audience, exploring passions through digital media, or increasing traffic towards another project are all great reasons to get started on YouTube.
  2. What is the focus of your content? – Make your videos about something specific and give them their own personal theme. Some of the best YouTube videos are about familiar topics (self-help tips, food, fashion or media) but be sure to have an original twist.
  3. How to make money on YouTube– The simplest and most common way of making money on YouTube is through advertisements from brands that fit your audience. By gaining a substantial audience you gain better sponsors and as a result, more money.
  4. Start with a hook– Start your video with something that really grabs your attention, once the audience is hooked they won’t want to leave the screen or click away.
  5. Shoot videos with a tripod– Using solely hand-held camera shots can make your content look messy and unprofessional. A tripod ensures a professional and clean-looking product.
  6. Make a good thumbnail– The thumbnail is the picture that people will see before clicking and playing the video. The thumbnail is an effective way of inviting your audience to view your video before seeing it.
  7. Give your video a unique title and description– To ensure its originality, quickly comb through Google ahead of time to make sure that you haven’t copied someone else’s title or work.
  8. Allow for collaboration– reach out to other video-makers in the YouTube community and let them help you. This will increase views and notoriety.
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Putting The Pieces Together

One of the most important things to remember if you are serious about becoming a YouTuber is the quality of your videos. Before making too much content, make sure it is technically sound and at least somewhat professional looking. A sloppy looking video often dooms the project from the start. Once you have an established an effective concept and a large target audience, start marketing your content to gain a following. It’s important to remember to produce content that appeals to your audience and that reflects your work an as artist. The larger your following becomes the more attractive you will be to advertisers.

There is no question YouTube has become a viable marketplace for millennial filmmakers. Are you ready to join the masses and become a YouTuber? Give it a try and find out! You never know, you could have the next “Charlie Bit My Finger” video.