The Secret to Finding Daily Adventures

Are you seeking a little more excitement in your life, but don’t think you have the time? Think again! Even if you have a very demanding job or schedule, you can still have the option of maintaining an adventure filled life. Adventures don’t have to be big, grandiose hikes or lengthy camping trips. Although those are what we all look forward to, take comfort in knowing a good time can literally be down the street. Small, but equally entertaining adventures can be something as simple as visiting a park not far from your own doorstep. Life in itself can be an adventure if we learn to embrace it.

Getting to Know Your Hometown

Do you feel stuck in the monotonous routines of your daily life? Well maybe it’s time for you to learn to be a tourist! You can make your daily life more exciting by seeking out adventures in your own hometown. Through various activities, you can easily find out how much you actually know about your town. To get started, you could simply get in your car and drive around until you stumble upon an unexplored spot.

Adventures can even be made through creating alternative methods to completing your daily errands. Instead of driving to the grocery story, grabbing a quick cup of coffee, or going to a drive-thru for lunch, you can further explore your neighborhood by walking to a destination closer to you. You might discover some new stores or restaurants in your neighborhood this way.

NYC-bicyclistChecking out different lakes, beaches, or hiking trails that you have never visited is another way to get reacquainted with your hometown (Nerd Fitness). Look for a “secret spot” at one of these locations to have a place you can call your own. That way, you could take friends or a significant other to your spot for an afternoon outing or a picnic.

Stop complaining about how boring your hometown is and try changing your attitude by learning more about all the hidden adventures that lie within your city.

Technology, Apps, and Adventure

The internet has become increasingly helpful if you want to explore new locations around your area. Technology has also made it possible for users to access new, fun apps that can help create new adventures. For example, the Geocaching app will send you on treasure hunts based on your GPS location. Join the international community of geocachers and instantly be thrown into an adventure. When seeking smaller, daily adventures another useful site is 31 Days of Adventure. This site allows you to sign up for free and will email you adventure-related activities for the following 31 days. Using these kinds of technological devices can be very helpful if you find yourself struggling with creating daily adventures.

Using Adventures to Clear Your Mind

If you are stressed out, then going outside or finding a daily adventure can actually help take your mind off of the stressful factors in your life (Tiny Buddha). Even a simple walk around your neighborhood can be very soothing and meditative. It allows you to clear your head and step away from any conflicts or problems. This is why daily adventures can be a good alternative when dealing with issues instead of avoiding reality by watching TV.

adventures in your hometown

It is important to welcome the journeys that life brings and enjoy the process. When we do this, we find that our daily lives can become exciting if we rediscover the truly important things in life. Be bold in all of your adventures (small and big ones). Think of places that you have always wanted to go and find ways to bring yourself to those locations.

Creating Goals

Set motivational goals for yourself to ensure that you are bringing the element of adventure into your life. One of your goals could be: ‘I will find an awesome new part of my hometown each week!’ Whether you decide to visit an unfamiliar beach or check out a new museum is entirely up to you. The opportunities available to explore are endless.

The most important element in having more adventures in your life is to make time for it. Really make an effort to fit fun into your schedule. Once you see that your have a fuller more active life, you will know that your extra efforts were worth it.



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Written by Alexandra Zuccaro

Alexandra Zuccaro is a recent graduate from Loyola Marymount University with a B.A in English. She a strong interest in journalism and hopes to pursue a career in the field.

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