When students have to choose which foreign language to study, most of them learn German, Spanish, or French. If a student wants to study an Asian language, he will think about Chinese or Japanese as the first choice.

The Korean language is less popular among students, and in this article, we will give you several reasons to learn this beautiful language and where to do this.

If you want to master this language but your University does not offer such a course, you can find a Korean tutor and learn it individually. Of course, it will ask for some free time.

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It is a common practice for many students. The college schedule is hectic, and you can take responsibility for what really matters to you and our future.

The Main Benefits of Learning the Korean Language:

Understanding of Korean Culture

If you are already familiar with Korea via movies, songs, TV shows and you love it, then it is an excellent reason to learn the language to understand the culture better. Many people are inspired to learn the Korean language with the movie β€œOldboy.”

Most Korean movies have subtitles/translations, but if you understand the original speech, you can have a much deeper and more meaningful understanding of Korean culture.

You will be surprised to hear that the Korean language is not too difficult; it just seems like this. By learning the Korean script, which is called Hangul, you will master the basics. You will get a real insight into a society and country with a rich history.

Boost Your Brainpower

Students who can speak several foreign languages stimulate their intellectual growth. By learning Korean as your second language, you will enhance your mental development.

Foreign languages are the best for stimulating the mind, keeping the brain active and healthy. With a bit of patience, you will learn how to read Hangul quickly, pick up the basic Korean vocabulary, and let your knowledge continue to grow.

Improve Personal/Business Relationships

Students who want to work for international companies in Asia with many Korean-speaking people at work should learn Korean to make you a more valuable asset. If you speak Korean, you have good chances to work for such companies as Samsung, LG, or Hyundai.

Do you know that the Korean economy takes the 13th place in the world? As many foreign languages you speak, as many chances, you have to win the competition in the challenging business market.

Try to find some Korean friends and practice the language with them. They will appreciate your efforts, and you will easily find contact with new friends or professional colleagues.

Learn Korean from a Professional Language Program in Korea:

Let’s have a look at a typical language program in Korea

Your course will be divided into six levels. Usually, the duration of one level is ten weeks. If you start from the very beginning, it will take you one year and a half to complete the program. Once you have finished the language course, you can even enter a Korean university.

Tip Before You Apply

Students who want to save money before going to the Korean language school should study in advance! You will have to do a placement test, so do your best to get into higher levels.

Reviews of the Best Korean Language Schools

Sogang University Korean Language Education Center

Tuition – 1,770,000 KRW per semester ($1,225)

Sogang University has been offering foreign language courses to people from all around the world since 1990. Every year the school has over 3,500 students. This school is considered to be one of the best in Korea. You will improve your speaking skills while attending small classes.

Yonsei University Korean Language Institute

Tuition – 1,730,000 KRW per semester ($1,200)

It is one of the most respected educational institutions in Korea. There are more than 1,600 students per year that attend this institute. Experienced teachers will guide you through six levels to reach proficiency in the original language. Classes are focused heavily on reading/grammar. Prepare yourself for regular homework.

Ewha Woman’s University Korean Language Program

Tuition – 1,720,000 KRW per semester ($1,190)

Everyone can register for the Korean language program at the University. All students in your group will speak different foreign languages, so the only common language for students is Korean. You will meet many interesting people and learn about their culture while learning Korean.


You will enjoy your trip to Korea. You should give some effort to master Korean. It will help you adapt to the culture and Korean society. Just think about the advantages you will get: you can communicate with local people, you will discover new movies, songs, literature, you can make a career in Korea, and many others. New opportunities are waiting for you!