Fall Fashion Mommy Must-Haves 2021 Edition

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You’ve probably just wrapped up your back-to-school shopping for your children, which can be somewhat stressful unless you time it right. Even then, it can put a serious dent in your bank account. But, hopefully, you’ve got a little space left on those credit cards to treat yourself to some of the mommy must-haves for Fall this year – especially for busy mamas!

So, buckle up – this year, it’s all about having fun, upcycling for sustainability, and splurging a little because let’s face it, after the last year and a half, we all deserve to live a little!

Start Sustainably

It would be best if you considered first shopping your own closet. Not only is this a sustainable fashion choice to make, but it’s also a great practice to get used to. Say you’re not loving your living room decor – shop your storage first, you get the idea. So, take stock of what you already own and ways you can work it with current fall trends this year. Which, if you’re wondering, are elevated loungewear, sequins (if you dare), metallics, and oversized everything.

Of course, some staples never go out of style, so hopefully, you’ve got a plaid scarf in that wardrobe of yours, a nice fitting blazer, and a little black dress you can revamp and re-wear to the events you’re attending this upcoming holiday season. 

Denim Is In

Denim will always be in style in one aspect or another, but right now, it’s having a major moment. This Fall, skinny jeans are out, and virtually every other fit has taken their place – think straight leg, boot cut, flare, and all the way to bell bottoms. So, get out there, try on all the styles and decide which ones are your go-to. Treat yourself to your new favorite pair of jeans. Even though trendsetters say that low rise is in again, this is a hard look to pull off, so I stay, stick to a mid-rise or high rise style instead. They’re universally flattering and make your rear end look fantastic! 

Splurge-Worthy Accessories

One way to make the most out of the wardrobe you already own is to spend a little on some accessories to elevate your everyday looks. Maybe you’ve been eyeing the new Coach purses; go ahead and treat yourself! Motherhood is serious business, and you deserve to splurge a little to feel fantastic at school pick-ups and drop-offs!

Other areas of accessories that are must-haves for fall 2021 are oversized statement pieces. You may be leery of making such a bold statement with a pair of bright, colorful earrings, but after a few compliments, you’ll be good as gold. Not to mention, overstating jewelry can really make your usual uniform of a t-shirt and jeans look cooler than if you had dressed to the nines that day. Effortlessly chic is so confident and fashion-forward. So, check out your favorite jewelers online or go to some local stores and find the chunky pieces that speak to you. If you want to really save, buying second-hand is not only a sustainable way to shop, you can buy more than you might be able to brand new. 

Floral Frenzy

Who doesn’t love a good floral print? Floral is in, in a major way for Fall. So, whether you want to flaunt this fun print with your scarves, dresses, blouses, or even a pair of floral jeans, latch on cause you’re going to see it everywhere. Plus, as a mom, it’s always awesome to catch a compliment from your tween or teenager about how “on point” your outfit is; go, mom!

Metallic Motherhood

While you may feel more comfortable waiting for Winter and the Holidays to rock this trend, metallics are in. If you want to incorporate it into your fall looks, you could easily do so through your footwear or handbag. When it comes to the holiday season, all bets are off! Not only are metallics in, so are sequins. So feel free to recall the bedazzling days of the eighties and have fun with it! If your aesthetic is more subdued, you can incorporate this trend through glitzy costume earrings or bracelets.  Fashion is such a personal thing (after all, the clothing and accessories go on our bodies), but there are still ways to incorporate trends in your everyday looks, even if you don’t consider yourself someone very sartorial. No matter what your fall fashion plans are, have fun and splurge a little on yourself this season; you deserve it!

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Written by Lizzie Weakley

Lizzie is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. She went to college at The Ohio State University where she studied communications. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and long walks in the park with her 3-year-old husky Snowball.

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