Creating the perfect home means being focused on decorating and designing the home to fit your specific wants and needs. There are plenty of styles to choose from, so this can be a tough choice narrowing it down to one specific design theme that you like. A good choice is a modern look because it is so sleek that it feels hard to think that it will go out of style.

Accomplishing a contemporary style is not as easy as people think it is. There is more to it than just decor and color choices, but those are big factors. If you want a modern look in your home then check out these techniques to help you master easy interior design..

Add Wall Art

Starting with a simple one is adding wall art to your home. Whether it is the perfect personalized wall art for a nursery or a moving picture frame that will shock guests with its ingenuity, wall art is a must for a modern look. You want to find pieces that accentuate the colors of the room, draw attention, or are amazing conversation pieces during a dinner party. While modern is often associated with minimal, you still need some artwork to class up any room you want to make truly spectacular.

Replace Handles and Knobs

It is a small fix, but changing the hardware of your cabinets, drawers, and doors can really enhance the overall look of your home. Replacing handles and knobs with more modern options can change the outcome of a room without you making it too obvious. Good choices are rigid shapes like rectangular or square, and materials or colors should be metal, stainless steel, or something that is neutral but still very design-forward. This is a small and easy step and shouldn’t take you very long to do it yourself.

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Swap Out Old Rugs or Carpets

Your carpet and rugs need an update to achieve a modern look, so it might be time to throw them out. A nice interior design scheme is one that focuses on natural materials that blend with synthetic, so what better way to show this off than to reveal a nice hardwood floor in juxtaposition with matte lacquer furniture. Similarly, an accent rug that is dashing can provide that splash of color you need without having to go overboard elsewhere. It can act as a statement piece without being too much. Use this trick to master the manipulation of space in your home for a modern spin.

Improve the Light Fixtures

Your lighting fixtures can say a lot about your design choices, or lack thereof. The best solution is to completely replace the fixtures you have if they do not fit the overall theme of your home. Going with exposed Edison bulbs is a very chic look, but another good option is stand-up floor lamps with multiple heads. Even wall sconce lighting fixtures can be used to enhance the look of a modern interior design. Using a dimmed lighting solution is also something that improves mood lighting which is something that can highlight features of a room in such a way that draws the eye to a minimal bookshelf or a piece of art.

Go Simple

With all of the talk about minimalism and simplicity, it would be impossible not to include this on your list of decoration techniques to improve your home’s look. A modern home doesn’t necessarily have to go minimalist, but the design choice is effective when done right, so choosing to scale back your approach to material possessions on display and focus on how colors flow does help improve the modern approach to changing the dynamic of your homes look.

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Focus on How Shapes Change a Room

Lastly, and as an addition to the mention of going simple and minimalist, you want to consider how shapes are impacting your rooms. Feng-shui, or the philosophy of the environment’s impact on our perception, is acutely present in minimalist design when you consider how softer, rounder shapes and contrast with sharp, jutting edges. Taking up little space, or more space can change the feeling of a room to help highlight a modern approach.

Creating a modern home is not hard. In fact, anyone can do it. You don’t need a million-dollar budget and a team of celebrity interior designers at your beck and call, you just need to focus on some small fixes and upgrades. Start with the tips above and you’re on your way to achieve your contemporary home dreams.