Bikes are never going to go out of style because they’ll always be the best option for eco-friendly and fast traveling. It’s a very accommodating and accessible lifestyle too as it’s always easy to dive into biking regardless of what age you are. Looking for your first bike?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Buying your first bike can often be likened to buying your first car. You know exactly what it is that you want. However, as there are countless options available, it becomes overwhelming for newbies to get their first bike. We’re here to make that first major purchase easier to ponder on.

Types of Bicycles

The first thing you need to know first is exactly what type of bike you are looking for. There are actually various types of bikes and each of them offers its own pros and cons. Let’s brush over the types of bikes and their specialization:

  • Road bikes – basically the base form of a bike. It’s made for smooth cycling on the pavement, so it’s perfect if you are looking for a bike that you can get around the city in. Road bikes have smooth and skinny tires, as well as handlebars that drop a little low. It’s worth noting, however, that it can’t carry a lot of weight. Road bikes come in other hybrid forms with each allowing for better maneuverability on certain terrain.
  • Fitness bikes -these bikes have the same capabilities and features as road bikes. The key difference is that the handlebars are either flat or upright which allows for a more steady posture while riding. Fitness bikes can often be placed on cargo racks and fenders so if you’re a frequent commuter, they’re easy to carry along.
  • Mountain bikes – these are bikes that are designed for off-road trails such as hiking paths. To make off-road biking more comfortable, a key feature of mountain bikes is shock absorbers or suspension around the wheels. In some cases, however, there aren’t suspensions and those are called rigid bikes. They have wider and flatter tires for easier handling too.
  • City bikes – there’s no such thing as a city bike, but it is used to refer to bikes for urban and commuter purposes. These bikes are mostly designed for easy handling and increased carrying weight capacity as well.

These are the four most common types of bikes you’ll come across with. There are other more specialized types of bikes that are often used for competitive purposes such as racing. If you know exactly what you want to do with the bike, then you can pick from these types easily.

How Much Are Bicycles?

Next comes an important part of the buying process. Exactly how much are you willing to spend on your first bike?

First thing’s first, it’s important that you understand that it’s okay to go all out on your first bike. It’s likely that it’s going to be a long-term investment for you so you might as well get a good bike on your first try.

Road bikes often cost around $500-$700, but they are often used for sports. The most affordable mountain bikes sell for as low as $400, but they can be as expensive as $1000. Other types of bikes range from $500 to $1000. Prices are dependent on what type of bike you get and the brand of as well. Make sure to weigh all possible options when buying.


Accessories are integral to buying your first bike too. For your protection, the first accessory you should invest in is a helmet and possibly knee pads and elbow pads. This prevents serious injuries when you fall. Make sure to buy head and tail lights too as it’s going to help increase your visibility at night.

It’s also important to invest in accessories such as bike locks which prevent theft You’ll be leaving your bike in the open a lot of times, so it’s best to have something to secure it with.

When you’re buying a bike, most stores will try to offer other accessories to make it a complete package. You can score great discounts on these packages so make sure to consider them as well.

Buying your first bike shouldn’t be stressful. However, it does pay to be an informed buyer. As there are many options to choose from, it can often get overwhelming to pick your very first ride. When all else fails, you can ask a friend for help, so they can help you pick the perfect bike that suits your needs.