With more and more millennials looking for new homes, the real estate market everywhere in the world is changing. The reason for that is quite simple, although it sounds a bit strange at first: millennials aren’t your average homeowners. They want things done in a certain way and are always striving for perfection. That’s why their homes are visually appealing, cozy, and trendy, but doing that isn’t easy at all. Luckily, they don’t mind investing their time and energy into making their homes Insta-worthy and better than all other homes. So, if you’re a millennial too and want to make your home totally Instagrammable, here’s what you need to do.

Spiced up kitchen

No matter how good at cooking they are, all millennials are fans of great food and tasty drinks. That’s why they’re always looking for new flavors, unusual tastes, and Insta-worthy cocktails in their local pubs, cafés, and restaurants. But, in case they can’t afford to go to these places every single day, they can still enjoy delicious food. That’s why they spend time in their own kitchen, trying to make it as cool and exciting as possible.

Doing this is quite easy if you know what you’re doing. Find out what other millennials are looking for in their kitchen, define the look you want, and make it happen. From useful appliances to cool countertops, it’s all about the details and how you use them. In the end, don’t forget a new backsplash, and you can start posting photos right away!


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Millennial Magazine- Instagrammable

Open-floor living space

Millennials love feeling free in every aspect of their lives, and interior design is no different. That’s why they love open floor layouts more than anything else. To be honest, this is a more practical and functional alternative, and it’s better to be free than feel restricted. What’s more, these open plans are better for their Instagram feed and are an easy way to become popular.

So, if you want to make your home more open and Insta-worthy, think about tearing down a few walls. Most millennials bring their kitchens and living rooms together and use this space for hanging out with their loved ones. Alternatively, they combine kitchens and dining rooms, giving themselves more maneuvering space and freedom when cooking and eating their meals. Whichever idea you opt for, use the same color throughout this new space, and let your Instagram friends see it.

Comfortable furniture

There are two things all millennials value more than anything else in their home: visual appearance and comfort. Speaking of the latter, you need to pay attention to comfort more than anything else, especially in an Insta-worthy home. From your living room to your bedroom – and everywhere in between – insist on comfortable furniture and nothing else!

This is particularly crucial in the living room. This is where you spend most of your time, entertaining your guest and bonding with your family. So, be sure to look into those amazing modular sofas and recliners from King Living that are cozy and Instagrammable. Their visual appeal makes them worthy of your home, and their comfort will help you relax after a long day. These functional pieces will surely fit right into your interior, so check them out when you start furnishing your home.

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Millennial Magazine- Instagrammable


High ceilings

People might wonder why millennials love exposed beams and high ceilings so much, but the reason is actually quite simple. These features are very Instagrammable, and you can capture them in a great way if you know how. These can take the overall design of your living space to a whole new level, and make it quite special. That’s why high ceilings are something all millennials insist on when looking for homes, and you should do that too.

Spicing your ceiling and beams up on your own might not be such a great idea, though. You should leave these things to professionals, and stick to taking photos. Also, find new angles that will show your followers all the beauty of your high ceilings.

Outdoor space

We all love being in the open more than staying inside, and millennials are no different. This generation is particularly conscious about the environment and is actually quite outdoorsy, so they love having a backyard. Still, not just any backyard will do – it has to be perfect and Insta-worthy!

Spicing up your outdoor area sounds quite hard, but if you do it regularly, it’s easier than most people think. Just mow the lawn every week, trim the hedges, pick the leaves, and clean the snow in the winter. In the end, equip your patio with some outdoor furniture and start spending time here every single day.

Instagrammable Decor is Easy

As you can see, making your home Instagrammable is quite easy. Just follow these simple tips, find ways to turn them into reality, and start enjoying your home more than ever.

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