Your living room is most likely the first part of your home’s interior that people will see, and it is often the best place to create an impression. However, having the perfect living room design can be overwhelming. From thinking of ideas to make the room practically reflective of your personal style, the ideal furniture, the perfect patterns, the right colors, to picking the best living room layout that’ll complement everything else perfectly.

Additionally, if you’re looking to add a dose of your personality to your interiors, you should consider adding a signature item to your living room. You can transform your room from drab to delightful with your signature; whether small or big.

So, how can you do that? Let’s tell you a few tips to help you add your signature to your living room.

Tip #1: Remove Distractions

You can turn your favorite find or purchase into the undisputed star of your living room. And, it doesn’t matter if it’s a red home bar telephone drinks display cabinet, a gifted much-loved piece, an artwork, flooring, lighting, or furniture – you can make it stand out.  Limit distractions. Don’t let the limelight from your prize be robbed by lots of paraphernalia. Understand that clutter can be a very dangerous enemy of your signature piece. So, reduce the clutter and watch as your favorite piece takes all the spotlight.

Tip #2: Put Curves Among The Lines

Don’t just focus on patterns and colors, encourage contrasts with the shelving, staircase, and linear architecture around your signature piece to make it work incredible magic. Always think about shape. In a calm and sophisticated way, you can create a point of focus by using shape as a distinguishing feature, instead of pattern or color.

Tip #3: Draw Attention With Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? You can bold simplicity and draw people’s eyes to your well-loved signature piece with flowers. Do well to pinpoint your signature item by using floral arrangements to highlight it.

Tip #4: Create Contrast With Concentrated Patterns

Besides patterns, rugs can be focal points in all sorts of ways, and concentrated patterns can be king in an all-white space. You should use patterns that work with the color scheme of your living room.

Tip #5: Spruce Up The Mood With Artwork

Even if you have a couple of accessories around the room, look for something that has an accent shade but tones in with your surroundings. Your space can be transformed by an inherently joyful piece. Thus, perk up your living room by using the colors, beauty, and humor of artwork. Trust us, you can never go wrong with artwork.

Tip #6: Be Conscious Of Size

It’s very important that you consider the size of the signature piece you want to add to the living room. Your signature piece has a high possibility of “getting lost” if it’s too small, and if this is the case, a simple thing you can do is to surround the piece with other small pieces. On the other hand, if your signature piece is large, make sure you don’t make the room look too full and you should only consider adding accessories that complement its size.

Tip #7: Surround A Centerpiece

Another tip you can also consider when adding your signature piece is keeping it at a center. Know that a single black feature will always make it more appealing and engaging if it’s in a neutral space. The bottom line is that color can be very helpful in implementing this idea brilliantly. Giving your signature piece a central role can be unique and delectable when you play with the right colors.

That said, let’s give you some bonus tips to guide you when decorating with signature pieces.

Decorating With Signature Pieces

When it comes to decorating with signature pieces, there are usually no rules but you can always make use of a few guidelines;

Use Natural Shapes

To get a bolder look, work with what you have and go with the natural flow of your room. To reflect sculpture and art, you can always creatively arrange or dress your furniture because furniture also tends to work as a great signature piece.

Pay Attention To The Details

It’s often a fantastic idea to go for a signature piece that will make your guests gasp in surprise, reach out, or do a double-take.

Signature Pieces Can Be Small Or Big

Without all of the fuss of having to make room adjustments, you can create some added drama or a focal point when you choose pieces with unusual scale. So, playing with scales is something you shouldn’t be afraid of.

You Can Use More Than One Signature Piece In A Room

Know that you can confuse the entire feel of the space and get the viewer distracted if there are too many signature pieces within focus in a room. Each piece has to complement the other.

Do well to make that dull space pop and enjoyably add your signature to your living room design without worrying too much over what your peers will say. The most important thing is to have fun while doing it!