In the intricate tapestry of Vedic astrology, every celestial movement holds the promise of transformation and the key to weaving our destinies. As we stand on the threshold of a celestial transformation, the transit of Rāhu and Ketu into Pisces and Virgo on October 30, 2023, marks a profound shift in the cosmic narrative that will resonate until May 18, 2025.

This celestial journey ushers in a period of revelations and the unearthing of hidden truths, a time when the desire for rebirth stirs within us, beckoning us to transport into the next phase of weaving our destiny.

Lunar Eclipses and the 18-Month Cycle

A lunar eclipse is a cosmic gateway, offering us instant exposure to concealed realities. The latest full moon eclipse on 10/28) brought a close the 18-month theme of self-sovereignty and radical self-love. These themes have been interwoven with profound lessons in unconditional love, devotion, and the intricate process of healing and reconciliation within our relationships.

This is the second eclipse occurring in Aśvinī (Aries) after the Solar Eclipse we had in April. We may witness that which began in April of this year, beginning to bear fruit with this eclipse cycle and even experience new life with this next six month cycle between eclipse seasons (now in the axis of Pisces / Virgo).

The transition on the 30th of October is no mere astrological event but a shift of cosmic significance. As the lunar nodes shift from the Aries/Libra axis into the realms of Pisces and Virgo, the celestial energies urge us to contemplate: What is being revealed to you in this transformative moment?

Gandanta: The Vulnerable Point Between Fire and Water

This transition places us in the heart of gaṇḍānta (karmic knot | 10/15-11/14), a vulnerable, unstable point, between the fiery realm of Aries and the watery embrace of Pisces. Rahu, the ever-hungry shadow planet, finds itself in the mystical domain of Revatī in Pisces, while Ketu, the force of karmic release, continues to reside in the discerning realm of Citrā in Virgo.

Revatī is the last of the Vedic lunar mansions and is known as the Wealthy Star. This constellation holds the energy contained within the gap, the source codes which usher in the transition from death to rebirth — from endings into new beginnings.

Revatī teaches us to expand our vision to see the bigger picture held within Universal mind, and that which is attuned to collective consciousness. This celestial anointment awakens one’s heart and births the unconditional love, and power of nourishment and protection associated with the Great Mother.

Pisces North Node: The Path of Healing and Generosity

The Pisces North Node beckons us towards a destiny entwined with healing and generosity and encourages us towards a path of service and wellness. Fitness and healthy habits may play a pivotal role during this cycle, helping you to overcome challenges and steer clear of the pitfalls of addiction. Notice these themes stepping forward in your life and stay open to the healing codes that are being presented now. 

Virgo, ruled by the clever Mercury, embodies the analytical left brain, while Pisces, governed by the dreamy realm of ākāśa (space/sky), guides the creative right brain. We’re being escorted on a dance between fact and fantasy, intuition and logic.

The Virgo South Node, ever the skeptic, tends to follow the mantra of “seeing is believing,” while the mystical Pisces South Node firmly asserts, “believing is seeing.” It’s a delicate balance, at times leaning towards the mystical and, at others, becoming excessively concerned with material proof and comforts.

Creativity and technical prowess are being weighted and encouraged to weave into our current story. Pisces North Node, may invoke mystical experiences that your rational mind finds elusive. It’s important to be aware that both lunar nodes may lead you towards making sacrifices to assist others, potentially at the expense of your own well-being. Strike a fine balance as you continue integrating lessons from our previous cycle in Aries / Libra —  self-sovereignty and unconditional love.

Release and Embrace: The Cosmic Call

The transition from the Virgo South Node urges us to release traits such as perfectionism, over-analyzing situations, and escaping stress through vices or addictions. It encourages letting go of worry and anxiety, of attempting to control and micromanage, and of dismissing your intuition and divine guidance. Say farewell to cattiness, verbal daggers, and gossip, as these no longer serve you.

Embracing the Pisces North Node invites you to revel in creative freedom, to unleash your artistic abilities, and to step into the role of the healer. It awakens your intuition and encourages trust in your psychic abilities. Have faith in the universe and allow yourself to receive support and divine guidance from a higher power.

Surrender to the flow and learn to process your emotions without the crutches of alcohol or other substances. Consider it an opportunity for recovery from addiction and a chance to use your words to provoke profound thoughts.

As Rāhu and Ketu journey through Pisces and Virgo, you are embarking on a cosmic pilgrimage. This celestial dance promises revelations, healing, and a transformative path toward the rebirth of self. If you were born with the nodes in the Pisces 

(Rāhu) / Virgo (Ketu) axis you will be having your lunar node return, which encourages a churning within, to awaken and realign you with your dhárma (life purpose).

The essence of this transition is a call to release the past and to embrace the unknown, a cosmic call to unravel the mysteries of the self and the universe — a marriage of integrated and stabilized embodiment of the past, breathing fresh life into the great mystery.

As we embark on this 18-month journey with Rāhu and Ketu as our celestial guides, we open ourselves to a world of revelations and self-discovery, where the past and future intersect in a harmonious dance.

Allow this threshold to have its way with you, stay grounded, disciplined and in alignment with your highest possible vibration. If we get thrown off course during this time of transition, it will be much harder to get back on track.

Take more time to distill and integrate all that has been revealed to you over the past few weeks — ideally after Saturn stations direct on the 4th and Rāhu moves out of gaṇḍānta on 11/14. What secrets and revelations await you in this celestial paradigm shift? All my Relations

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