In the chaotic and formalized world we live in, the need to beat boredom is very high indeed. Think for a second about the lifestyle of the average citizen, who gets up in the morning to go to work and spends most of the day away from home, only returning in the evening to have dinner or to go straight to bed.

In this way one leads an existence as a robot, as a remote-controlled soldier directed by a grand puppeteer, as if the person no longer had his own personality, interests, individual tastes.

Where, in this mechanical and inhuman routine, should the moments to devote to oneself, to one’s own well-being, end up?

Some manage to condense them during the weekend, during those few hours when one is not busy with Netflix or one’s family, or in the evening hours, just before going to sleep, when by then the level of lucidity and attention has dropped dramatically.

Such a life should not be lived by anyone, ever, for any reason in the world. The interests of society or a company can never come before our own, even if a large part of a family’s livelihood depends on one’s work.

People must learn to cultivate their own personal well-being, dedicating special moments only for those activities they love, or for all that they do not yet know and would irresistibly like to discover.

A Balanced Life

By starting to lead a more balanced life, carefully balancing work efforts with leisure pleasures, people will immediately notice a marked improvement in their quality of life, their mood, even their work and social performance.

And the best times to completely reschedule one’s days, from a certain point of view, are precisely the early stages of the year, when most people are already naturally predisposed to accept imminent changes or set new goals to be achieved within a certain time frame, such as those that often appear on lists of New Year’s resolutions.

The human mind is naturally predisposed to accept willingly any kind of novelty, any new and interesting stimulus it may perceive, even for those people who usually consider themselves closed-minded and unaccustomed to change.

Why not choose, for example, to try a sporting activity that one had never tried before, or to launch oneself into learning new skills that could also be useful in our work, such as the use of Adobe software? These experiences will not only have an incredibly positive effect on your quality of life, but will also decisively influence your mood and state of mind.

A New Routine

Detach yourself for a moment from your usual rhythms and start incorporating some new activity, such as a new hobby or pastime. Make sure that these activities are inserted at strategic times of the day, even early in the morning or in the evening when you return from work, so that they do not interfere in any way with the other pressing commitments in your life.

A dance class, a membership in a martial arts gym or a simple swimming course can, in some cases, radically change people’s lives in a matter of weeks. The essential thing is to continually throw yourself into the discovery of something new, thus watering your mind with the intoxicating liquid of well-being.

New stimuli need not necessarily be linked to physical activity, but can also be found online, in the folds of the web. In the age of social media and digitization, some of the best sources of relaxation and entertainment can be found online, ready to be discovered.

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Life is too short to indulge in boredom. Get out of the house and set out to discover what is out there, without fear.