Are you thinking of leaving the house dressed in a creased linen item but are not sure if you should? Here’s some good news- unlike other fabrics which look frumpled when you leave the house without ironing them, linen is quite different. In fact, most linen lovers rock their clothes without using any heat on them, and the natural creases actually work to enhance the linen styles. However, for a budding linen lover, you may have questions about leaving the house like this. Worry not! We have the answers you need.

Do you have to iron linen?

No! You can get away with wearing your linen off the hanging line. You see, linen naturally has some crumples that show after each wash. These creases may seem odd at first, but they do work with the whole look. Besides, they add to that cozy, relaxed vibe that goes with this luxurious fabric. Unless you cannot picture yourself strutting around with some natural creases as part of your accessories, you do not have to iron the fabric. But if you cannot make it past the corner shop without feeling self-conscious or cannot show up to a meeting with some crumples, we have some ideas.

Can you avoid ironing linen?

Why, yes! You may have noticed that more people are now wearing their linen as is and finding ways to make the linen look even more natural this way. How?

Embracing the Worn and Washed Look

Linen gets softer the more you wear and wash it which is unlike what you would see with other fabrics. Over time, you will notice that you barely need to straighten it, and it will fit right like a glove. It may take a while for you to get comfortable with this look, but once you do, you’ll love how much more comfortable the linen feels against your body. Linenfox website offers a selection of clothes that look great worn straight from the washer.

Shaking the Crumples Off

Instead of automatically drying your clothes, get the linen items straight from the washer. Make sure they do not have any detergent in them- detergent stains are an eyesore that can ruin even the best of fabrics. Proceed to shake the linen clothes and as the water sprinkles every which way, the fibers will straighten. Lay the clothes flat on a clean towel and start tugging at the seams and any other areas that seem crumpled. Doing this will further straighten out the clothes. Hang them to dry, and voila, they will look less creased when you wear them!

Steaming the Wrinkles Away

Depending on how you wash your clothes, tugging at the seams may not be enough to get rid of the creases. In this case, you can steam the clothes. While this method effectively removes even the toughest creases, it comes with a huge downside- your clothes will not be crisp. Linen has an undeniable crispness that makes it stand out compared to its other natural fabric counterparts. But if this is not a deterrent for you, get steaming!

Saying No to Folding

Besides washing, you can also crease your clothes by folding them or even throwing them into the drawer unfolded. Instead of neatly folding all your clothes into cute color-coded bundles, how about hanging the clothes in your closet? They will not get frumpled by the constant pressure on top of them. Plus, it’s an easy way to keep your closet organized.

Testing Relaxing Fabric Sprays

Now, this is more of a last-minute resort because the results can go either way. Note that some of these sprays contain chemicals that can stain your clothes, particularly the darker ones. Instead of going all in, try some of the product inside the hem and see how the material reacts. If it does not seem to be wreaking havoc, you can try it on the rest of the creased sections.

What if you must iron the clothes?

If all else fails and you have to use an iron on the clothes, do so when the clothes are still damp to avoid damaging the fibers. Also, do not use high heat and instead settle for medium heat on a steam setting. For dark clothes, focus on the inner side, and with brighter clothes, you can iron both sides.