What’s the best color to rock this year? You guessed it – millennial purple, the reigning champion of hot millennial trends. This hue is a blend of lilac and lavender in an extensive range, from pale periwinkle to bold fuchsia.

It has taken over many stylist and celebrity looks and is set to become the most promising color trend in the summer, fall, and winter of 2020. Without further ado, let’s get into the best ways to wear millennial purple.

Way to Wear #1: Evening Dress

There is no more glamorous way to rock millennial purple than a classy evening dress. Evening dresses and gowns of sensual, luxury fabrics will dominate runways this year. You will dazzle in a sensational strapless formal ball or column gown in this exceptional color. You can opt for strapless, sweetheart, or V-neck styles accenting the bodice as clean lines sculpt a curvy fit along the torso.

Way to Wear #2: Suit or Pant Combo 

Don’t think you can’t enjoy the color if you’re not the formal dress type. In recent seasons, relaxed silhouettes have risen in popularity and this trend isn’t going anywhere. We were impressed by the lilac blazer and pant suits on the runways. Head-to-toe lilac and periwinkle looks are destined to prevail in 2020.

Typically, purple is a bold color option, but one great thing about the millennial trend is that you can choose the best shade depending on your preference. Periwinkle, a pale purple hue verging on bluish, is a classic neutral. You don’t need to fight for attention on a special occasion in a periwinkle suit set.

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Maybe periwinkle or lavender, which has elements of pink, don’t work well with your skin tone. These colors aren’t the most flattering to pale skin, being pale themselves. Yet, you still like the color. You can wear them with pants in this case. Pair a black top and coat with wide-leg lavender trousers or a periwinkle cardigan with jeans.

Way to Wear #3: Combined with Similar Shades

Millennial purple really pops when combined with similar shades, either brighter or subtler. Prada showed just how well soft shades go together on the Spring/Summer 2020 runway.

Way to Wear #4: Mini or Midi Dress

Valentino featured minidresses in the hottest color of the year on their Spring/Summer catwalk. Their feathered, frilled creations with asymmetrical necklines were a sight to behold. In colder weather, you can wear a mini dress with tights. And when it gets hot out, simply go without tights. If you think a mini’s too revealing, opt for a midi, western-inspired dress. We recommend the combination of a knee-length purple cowgirl dress and brown cowboy boots.

Way to Wear #5: Paired with a Contrasting Color

Just like this color goes with similar ones, it’s also a perfect match to contrasting hues. Embrace color contrast by pairing a pastel top with a bright fuchsia satin skirt. If a more understated look is what you’re after, go for a sweet lilac cardigan with black shorts. Complete the look with a metallic belt and clutch and ankle boots for a cool street vibe.

Unexpected combos that work are the word in 2020, like purple and yellow. Yet, not everybody can pull these off. To do so, choose basic, clean lines without unnecessary embellishments.

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Saving with Millennial Purple

Keeping up with trends can be expensive and overwhelming. Sometimes, you feel like you need every glitzy fuchsia skirt and cute lavender top you see, not to mention that royal purple ball gown you fell in love with. Shopping for investment pieces is a smart strategy that will pay off.

How? Invest in well-fitted staples and combine them with trendy, budget-friendly items to enjoy pieces you love without breaking the bank. Staples include cardigans, versatile dresses, and a comfy pair of pants.

If you haven’t been shopping at online discount stores, now is the time to start. They sell overstocked items at good prices. If there’s a formal event coming up on your calendar, like the prom, retailers like TheDressWarehouse are the go-to option to find a designer dress on sale. You’ll get beautiful designer dresses at a discount due to overstocking.

Bargain shopping online is more convenient than browsing discount racks at physical locations because you do it from the comfort of your home. What’s more, it’s the perfect activity for when you’re stuck at home.

2020: The Year to Rock Millennial Purple

The best ways to rock the trendy hue are either with contrasting colors or a monochrome head-to-toe approach. Both will make a powerful fashion statement. Accessorize millennial purple for a chic touch – that’s also a smart way to introduce it into your wardrobe. Try solid, minimalist bags and shoes or experiment with embellishments like prints, rhinestones, or feathers for a special twist. And have a regal purple evening gown handy for a special formal occasion.

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