It may have been a bold move to choose black kitchen cabinets but with the escalating use of dark accents to create a unique modern look in houses, this is a very interesting decision! 

The only reason to encourage someone to put the most thought in their kitchen is because if there’s one room in your house that you’re going to see everyday, it’s your kitchen! And if you’re someone who spends most of their time at home or if you’re a housewife then having to do your cooking and daily chores in a boring kitchen can get even depressing at times.

An exquisite color palette is the most effortless way of making any space stylish, welcoming and outstanding. Black is a powerful color and if used right, it elevates any space’s style and statement!

So let’s find out what the best color options for your voguish black kitchen cabinets!

1. Grey And White

Grey is normally considered a dull color but that depends entirely on the shade of grey you use and which color you’re using it with. In our case, the focus is to make the black kitchen cabinets stand out. Since black is already a dominant and concentrated color, we suggest you paint the kitchen walls a light tone of grey. This will add a nice balance to your kitchen!

You can then continue using this grey and black palette by adding an off-white and grey granite countertop and granite backsplash. Choose the countertop with minimal grey veining so the whole look isn’t overwhelming! Our suggestion? Use the same style and color of granite in backsplash and countertops. There are many colors of granite to choose from but here are some of the most popular granite colors to narrow down your options a bit! 

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2. White And Gold

Since you have added a dark accent in your room with black cabinets which most probably are running through all of your kitchen it is essential that you tone it down a little and paint your kitchen white. The reflection that the white paint will create will highlight the black even more.

But if you’d like to be a bit extra, add a bit of gold. Hear us out first! While you paint the walls white, leave one accent wall and paint it black and add veins of gold paint on it. Match that gold paint with the gold of your kitchen cabinets and you’ll have an artistic kitchen.  

3. Warm Neutrals  

By this we mean a beige, taupe, light brown, linen, or a very soft blush pink, a beautiful warm neutral to pair with your cabinets. This may come off as a little bit wild because pairing beiges with black might sound like you’re on the mission of making the whole kitchen dull! But use the colors wisely with plenty of light and you’re good to go!

To cut through concentrated black kitchen cabinets, use plenty of lights and lighter shades of beige and creams. This will give you room to play with different styles and colors of countertops and kitchen tools and appliances. 

4. Bright Colors 

You have to give this one a try! Choosing yellow as the second major color in your kitchen cabinets is the riskiest yet one of the finest decisions!

But let’s just put it out there that working with such bright colors limits your options. A bright green, teal blue, fun yellow and even a lime yellow are all good contrast options, they will, however, won’t leave much room for the decor options and they might start looking extra or boring after some time. Simply put, these colors are here for a fun time, not a long time!

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5. Hues Of Blue 

An icy blue is always going to beg you to look at your kitchen just one more time! Blue is just as timeless as black so there’s no way that the color is going to age with time. A pastel blue color would be the ideal option for a kitchen with black cabinets. It will create a very subtle contrast and let the black maintain its shine.

Pastel blue gives off a little vintage vibe and if your cupboards have a rusty vintage look to them then choosing blue is not such a bad option, especially pastel blue. The sweetness of the blue color hardly ever puts anyone off, with the right amount of pigment the color can easily work in your predominantly black kitchen. 

Using Color With Black Kitchen Cabinets

As much as we all love black color, we know that it’s a tricky color to work with! Before choosing black cabinets, think about all the color contrast options and then take your time to reach a conclusion.

We hope this article helped you in choosing the contrasting color for your black kitchen.