Lisbon is the largest city and capital of Portugal. The weather is great all year round and the living and recreational conditions are comfortable.

It is very easy to get here from any European country, it makes sense to do business here and of course it is simply necessary to go for a holiday at least once in your life (although after this time you will decide to come here again).

Compared to other European cities like Paris or Milan, there are many exciting things to do in Lisbon, Portugal though it’s slightly less popular. Because it is not such a tired tourist area, there is some mystery and a much stronger sense of local flavor.

Useful advice: for many tourists (especially those who go to the country for the first time) it may be unusual to catch a taxi and basically navigate there, so that this organizational problem does not bother you, we advise you to order Lisbon airport transfer and get there with full comfort, fixed price and clearly planned route.

Another piece of advice is to ensure that your cell phone service is ready upon your arrival. Be sure to purchase a European cellphone plan in advance and acquire an eSIM card from an online dealer such as Sims Direct.

Now let’s get down to a small list of unusual places you can observe in Lisbon to make this holiday unlike most trips!

1. Lisbon’s Basics

We start with this point (especially for people who are traveling for the first time), we will briefly tell you what are the main historical places and sightseeing cards to see in this city (you can take some basic excursions to learn more).

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On the list of favorites things to do in Lisbon are: Belém Tower (historical fortress), Jerónimos Monastery (very beautiful example of Manueline architecture), St. George’s Castle (historically important site + very beautiful panoramic view of the city), Commerce Square (Praça do Comércio), Tram 28 Ride, Belem Pastries (Pastel de Nata), Lisbon Oceanarium, and Rossio Square.

2. San Jorge

Let’s start with this unusual but insanely atmospheric place, especially for those who like to experience history in real life.

It is a very rare classic style cinema that was opened in 1950, at that time it had the largest auditorium in Portugal and became a popular venue for music festivals.

Nowadays, you can get to the festival of French, Italian, Spanish cinema or theatre concerts. It will cause unusual and cool emotions, because you will be transported back to a century ago. Connoisseurs will appreciate it!

Millennial Magazine- Travel- Destinations-Castelo de Sao Jorge- Lisbon

Castelo de Sao Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal

3. Tapada de Necesidades

This forest in Lisbon stands as one of the oldest and best-maintained. While the reason for needing this information might be unclear, it’s worth noting that in the past, kings used this forest for hunting, lending it a fascinating historical atmosphere.

Feel free to visit with a group for a picnic, a common practice among locals. However, we recommend avoiding excessive noise, as it goes against local customs.

4. Out Jazz

This is a godsend for the person who loves jazz! In almost any park from May to September you can hear live jazz music.

This idea is so favored by the locals that such events have now taken on the meaning of a festival. So come and enjoy the local vibe, grab some good food, good company and enjoy the music until the sun goes down! (this all happens on Sundays).

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5. LX Factory

This is one of Lisbon’s most creative places, a neighborhood that is its calling card. It used to be a textile factory and a military equipment factory, but nowadays it’s a centre for contemporary art.

Now it has cool street installations, nice cafes, unique handmade boutiques and themed exhibitions. So we recommend spending time here, explore!

Things To Do In Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, with its year-round pleasant weather and rich local flavor, stands out as an ideal destination for both business and leisure. Skip the crowded European cities for the charm of Lisbon, where mystery meets comfort. Arrange a hassle-free airport transfer for a seamless start to your adventure.

Beyond typical tourist spots, delve into historical landmarks, cultural hubs, and tranquil retreats. Indulge in local treats like Belém Pastries and groove to the beats of Out Jazz.

From the vintage charm of San Jorge to the creative haven of LX Factory, the vibrant tapestry of experiences offer many unique things to do in Lisbon. Plan your journey to this captivating city, where each corner tells a unique story, and every moment promises an unforgettable adventure.