With the number of unintentional injuries requiring visits to a physician standing at almost 40 million, personal injury is widespread. Personal injury refers to any harm to the body and mind that has been caused to an individual. For example, in a medical procedure that has had detrimental consequences, the affected individual is entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit to receive compensation for damages.

You may have heard people recommend that you consult a skilled personal injury lawyer and wonder why this is necessary? With six advantages, we’ll show you why it’s a smarter move to win your claim!

It is not a good idea to pitch to a battle without a weapon, even if you are strong and fit! Making sure that you stand in a good position against your competitor – the insurance company – is the best way to do this. And in the legal world, securing legal representation is equal to having a weapon when you show up for a fight. Let’s see how PI lawyers will equip you for the legal battle.

1.   Proper advisement about case viability

The first most important thing for a lawyer to do is to judge the viability of your case. Having a sufficient understanding of the odds of winning your case will help inform whether you will move ahead with your lawsuit or how you will legally settle the case.

If your PI lawyer is ready to pursue, but you are still unsure about financial gains, remember that a surprising amount of attorneys only get paid if you win or settle. Therefore, lawyers working on a contingency basis should motivate you to hire someone, as they will want to get the best results for your case!

2.   Pursue full scope of damages

Most people cannot imagine and do not have the expertise to know the extent of their ability to claim for personal injury, especially when it comes to complex head traumas and extensive secondary medical concerns.

Motor vehicle accidents are a great source of loss and personal injury in the U.S., with over 70 drivers being hurt in Georgia every hour! Because an online PI claim calculator is unreliable, but a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta who understands state-specific law can help you get the compensation. Matters such as predicting future pharmaceutical needs and calculating emotional distress and trauma are concerns for an expert!

3.   Timely procedural management

In a legal battle, there are many important deadlines that the everyday citizen will not know about. Carefully managing your deadlines, getting all documentation in and in order ahead of time, and handling the procedural details are all perks of hiring a PI lawyer. What may seem simple to a trained lawyer might take us a long time to find out and learn how to do, costing us precious time and money.

4.   Objective and informed

One of the greatest aspects of legal representation is that an attorney will pursue your case objectively. Emotional distress after an accident, especially when your damages are highly unjustified, can sometimes lead to bias in your retelling of what occurred. Especially after a traumatic event, you are likely to experience post-trauma symptoms, which may escalate to full-blown PTSD. While you are taking care of your physical symptoms and hopefully being treated for your mental health, too, your lawyers can work hard on your case!

5.   Peace of mind

The peace that comes with knowing that all of your paperwork, filing, and documentation are in order is immense. With professionals handling the receipt and administration of your medical records, police charts, and insurance paperwork, you can feel relieved and focus on recovering. Getting better should be your top priority, and knowing that your case is being worked on while you rest is powerfully healing.

6.   Negotiation skills

An informed professional who knows your legal rights also knows the limits to your legal responsibility. For example, did you know that you can legally deny talking to a coverage adjuster? You also have the power to reject the insurer’s primary offer.

With persuasion and bargaining skills, your lawyer can better negotiate your compensation and do this faster than you could achieve on your own. This means that not only are you much more likely to receive more comprehensive compensation of damages, but settling out of court will mean you’ll get paid out sooner!

Many lawyers offer a first introductory meeting as a free consultation. Before you visit, make sure to bring a list of all your questions and be sure to get the answers you’re looking for. If your questions aren’t fully answered, you’re not completely satisfied with your representation, or you do not entirely trust that they will represent you the best, try someone else!

You need to trust that you deserve the best representation possible. Do your research on experts who have an upstanding track-record and many years of fighting for cases similar to yours. Find a lawyer who is invested in your case and that you feel will do their best work to settle your case with deserved compensation.