Improve efficiency of existing workout regimes with the best fitness apps and technology, designed to enhance your health and wellbeing. In addition to customized workout plans at home, you can use wearable fitness devices that accurately measure your walking/running pace, heart rate and other factors, thereby assisting you to exercise regularly and build a healthy diet and sleep regime.

You can easily shop for affordable activewear, fitness equipment, modern tracking devices using online retail websites. Use Nike coupons and redeem up to 40% discount on shoes, clothing, sporting goods, swimwear, accessories or order daily essentials at discounted rates and claim free shipping on all purchases.

Get in shape and remain healthy with smartphone apps that are compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can try any of the following fitness apps and shop sporting goods available on Nike, Adidas, REI, GNC, Lululemon etc. to motivate yourself and achieve the fitness goals:

1. Nike Training Club (NTC)

With workout, yoga, strength & endurance training, personalized workout plan, fitness expert advice and top ‘picks for you’, Nike Training Club app provides 15-45 minutes workouts with training and gym accessories under $60 on the Nike app.

Based on your strength and ability to work out intensively, the training club offers boxing, yoga, endurance and mobility workouts in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Claim up to 50% off on Adidas sale offering discount on apparel, shoes, accessories etc.

2. Google Fit

Switch to stairs instead of taking an elevator, walk short distances instead of calling a cab or walk while talking on phone to earn move minutes and heart points on Google Fit app. Get a maximum 15% discount on Nike running essentials with free shipping.

You can also track brisk walking, running, cycling, and other workouts along with calories burned right from your smartphone app or smartwatch. Creators Club members can sign up on the Adidas app to claim flat 15% discount.

3. Daily Workouts

If you prefer exercising indoors, set a 5-to-30-minute routine and follow step-by-step video demonstrations by certified physical trainers. Shop for Nike daily essentials from $15.97 onwards and redeem discounts on app, website and in-store purchases.

The Daily Workouts app is designed to understand and follow exercises, save routines offline that can be viewed from the safe confines of your home. Sign up for REI services to claim 15% off on apparel, footwear, accessories etc.

4. Aaptiv workout app

With compiled audio playlists, workout routines ranging from cycling, yoga, stretching to HIIT (high intensity interval training), Aaptiv provides sessions from 7 minutes to an hour or more. Claim up to 50% off on Lululemon accessories, bags, tops etc.

You can take a fitness quiz to determine goals and set up your exercise pattern with audio cues from personal trainers or instructors. Shop Nike apparel, accessories, equipment, footwear, activewear worth $150+ to get purchases shipped free.

5. MyFitnessPal workout app

A huge food database that tracks your food using grocery shopping barcodes, maintains log of exercises and helps you connect with friends. Order Nike Women’s Air Max and other regular-priced items to redeem a maximum 40% discount.

MyFitnessPal app helps you keep a count of calories consumed, maintains charts, graphs and reports to monitor your progress. You can also purchase supplements, snacks, herbs etc. from GNC Winter Sale and claim BOGO 50% discount.

6. Freeletics workout app

With almost a thousand workout variations, 150+ exercises, you can find 10–30-minute routines based on your body weight and exercises that can be performed in spaces as small as a 2×2 yard. Order Adidas products and earn up to $100 savings.

Freeletics app includes a fitness and workout coach with a personal trainer that tracks and tailors workout sessions or helps you find a training space in your vicinity. Get extra 45% discount on women’s essentials including dresses, joggers, jackets etc.

7. Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K virtual coaches that motivate you to run thrice a week for 30 minutes, include motivation tips and progress tracking that prepare you to run a 5K race. Buy low-cut athletic tab socks, water bottles, survival kits from REI under $20.

The app also tracks your route using GPS, monitors workouts over the course of nine weeks including workout alterations like walking and jogging, warm up and cool down etc. Learn how to monitor your runs properly with reputable fitness watches from a good product reviewer like

8. Sworkit workout app

If you do not find enough time to build a fitness regime, you can personalize the type, duration and purpose of workout with Sworkit app recommendations and find 5minute to hour long exercises. Shop for Nike new collection from $8.97 onwards.

You can find 200 training exercises (including strength, cardio, yoga, stretching) and create unlimited custom workouts that will fine tune your fitness goals, without using any additional equipment. Adidas members can claim 33% savings + free shipping on all purchases.

9. Strava workout app

With cardio exercises like jogging, cycling, swimming, you can track and analyze your speed, distance, elevation gain, heart rate, calories burned etc. First responders, military personnel and students can redeem a 20% discount on Nike orders.

Strava app also displays a map of your jogging or cycling trail (using GPS) and keeps you motivated with monthly challenges. REI members can shop for clothing, accessories, bags and more to earn a $20 bonus with 3X loyalty points on GNC members on ordering bestseller items.

10. Daily burn workout app

Turn your living room into a fitness studio with live streaming yoga, high-intensity cardio, strength training daily on your phone or via Android TV and Roku. Shop for sports bras, shorts, jumpsuits, rompers from Nike Yoga collection $14 onwards.

You can also find audio workouts, 1000 workout videos including 15 different programs for all fitness levels on the Daily burn app that can be accessed on your phone, TV and laptop. Purchase women’s crop tights, high rise yoga pants and more from Lululemon to redeem 20% discount.

With these modern technological tools, you can motivate yourself to lose weight, gain confidence and ensure to never miss a workout. Shop for fitness apparel, smartwatches, sports shoes and other workout accessories from popular retail websites and use coupons, promotional codes, app deals and more to get additional discounts and savings on all online purchases.