Mac and Windows are two very different things.

Apple and Microsoft are the biggest tech companies in the world, and their operating systems are used by the majority of device users globally. When trying to choose between these two operating systems, it is important to think about their different capabilities and how they can make life a little easier. This is why today we are taking a little look at the differences between Mac and Windows to allow you to decide what works for you.

Mac focuses on design and media

If you are looking for a computer to use for graphic design or art work, a Mac is always the better choice for you. There are several reasons why Mac works well for creative work, and the first is the screen resolution on the machine. When working with color and detail it is important to gain a clear view of what you want, and Mac screens offer a clearer view. As well as this, Mac has many applications in-built that focus on art and design.

Windows is cheaper

If the main driver of your computer choice is the price, it is important for you to consider Windows instead of Mac. Apple are notorious for their high prices and their products are often less accessible to the majority of people. If price is important to you then Windows is the way to go. 

Windows is familiar and used more often

One of the things you will need to consider, particularly if you plan to use a machine for business, is compatibility. Most people have Windows PC’s because these have always been the most popular operating system to use. This means that more people have a familiarity with navigating a Windows machine and more people will have applications on their devices that are compatible with Windows machines. You are much more likely to be able to successfully send and share files with other users if you have a PC. 

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Windows is better for gaming

If you are looking to use a computer for gaming, Windows is a much better option than Mac. The reason for this is that Windows machines allow you to upgrade them easily and add features like extra RAM and graphics cards. Apple makes it hard for you to upgrade a Mac yourself and therefore isn’t the best option for gaming.

Mac offers great customer service

One of the great reasons to choose a Mac over a Windows machine is that they offer amazing customer service and an extensive market of third-party resellers. If your Mac breaks down and needs to be repaired, you can take it to your local Apple store and a genius will fix it for you and you can find countless guides online such as this macOS Catalina guide. However if a Windows machine breaks, there are less stores to visit so you’ll have to sort the issue over the phone or online.  This can be a more time-consuming way to solve the issue, and therefore it might be better to get a Mac for this reason alone.