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Nifty bathroom gadgets are all the rage at the moment. Whether a young millennial is looking for the latest cool device for the bathroom or just something to catch their eye, there’s usually one that’ll appeal right away. For the older millennial who’s careful with their money, they’re looking for life improvement but also value for money too.

Whichever type of millennial you are, we hope you’ll find an interesting gadget in the ones covered below.

Water Flosser to Replace Dental Floss

Using dental floss is a bit of a waste. It’s another consumable that’s manufactured, used and consumed and then throw away. Being able to recycle in some fashion is always better.

Enter water flossing. The Our Good Living Formula site (OGLF) has reviewed different types of flossers – several are the water flosser type that are gentle on your teeth. The water jet created is just as effective in removing plaque and ruminant food items from your teeth and behind your gumline as regular flossing techniques.

It can sit right alongside an electric toothbrush. It’s a modern approach to flossing that skips the floss that you have to remember to buy every month. Cleaner, simpler and just as effective. So, if you hate having to floss, then try water flossing instead.

Digital Shower Thermometer

The waterproof shower thermometer that fits right into your shower to confirm the water’s temperature is a new approach to avoid getting scolded when still half-awake in the morning.

Whilst there are digital showers now with dials to adjust the temperature and a digital readout in the centre, these are pricey. As a new gadget, this alternative is an accurate thermometer that can handle the stream of water hitting it, which is attached to the shower system to confirm the temperature.

The better models include a warning if the temperature reaches 41-degrees which can scald you. An LCD display also makes it possible to read the current temperature when the water is running. While millennials enjoy this improvement to an existing shower, it’s also safer for families with children and the elderly who don’t always realize when the water is getting too hot.

Ultimate in Sound Quality While in the Shower or Bath

The Boom 3 from Ultimate Ears is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that provides 360-degree sound, so it can be placed anywhere in the bathroom and still be heard perfectly. There’s quick one-touch music activation and the waterproofing feature means you won’t need to replace your speaker after you’ve touched it with wet hands either! Not that it’ll matter, but this large tubular Bluetooth speaker is dust proof too.

Winning plaudits from reviewers at Wired and Gizmodo, the deep bass resonates, and this blue wonder can even be slotted into your water bottle carrier on a bouncy mountain bike ride too. The one-touch button for playlists is also compatible with both the Deezer app and the Apple Music playlist systems.

Night Light for Your Toilet

A night light for your toilet in the form of IllumiBowl won interest from the funding team at Shark Tank in 2016. Their appeal for $100,000 in funding succeeded with Kevin O’Leary putting the money down. Since then, the company has increased sales to over $14 million. Starting in the US, the product has now reached UK shores too.

This night light helps you find your spot even when you don’t want to turn on the bathroom light because you’ve already adjusted to night-time darkness. Its purple hue is just enough so as not to upset your eyes, and the device’s motion sensor only activates the light when needed. The latest version now fights germs too, to keep it operating longer.

Smart Scale

The Fitbit Aria 2 scale sees the smart watch creator venture out into other areas to find greater success. The stylish black scale is square with delicate curved corners to avoid stubbing a toe when maneuvering around it. The scale will not only check your weight, but also body fat percentage, overall lean mass and BMI too. The data is all fed into a Fitbit App, so if you stick with their health eco-system, then you have more data at your fingertips.

It’s also a useful scale for the whole household because it will recognize up to eight different users; tracking and sending information to each respective Fitbit app too. The wireless syncing works on Android, iOS and Windows devices making this a great health-conscious tool to complement other devices used in everyday life already.

Water Usage Monitor in the Shower

Everybody needs a water pebble, or so goes the thinking! The Water Pebble in this case is a clever device that monitors the water flow in your shower to see how much is being used. It can track the first shower with the pebble hanging under the water flow and then use that as a future benchmark.

The display at the front changes color depending on how much water has been used compared to the benchmark level. For environmentally conscious millennials who are concerned about how much water they’re using (or just to keep their water bill down), this pebble could well be the answer they’ve been secretly longing for.

The device runs on a battery which is replaceable – great for anyone who routinely spends far too much time in the shower thinking (showers are faster than baths, right?!) or a Millennial who doesn’t know how long a shower should really be. You can make great money savings on water usage.

Not every new gadget in the bathroom relies on a powerful smart device or an eco-system from the likes of Amazon, Apple and other big tech names. Many devices are coming out that provide clever ideas to deliver new functionality without needing to be expensive in their own right. This allows consumers to pick and choose which products and features they’re willing to pay for without necessarily needing to be tied into a single smart home system. That’s certainly true in the bathroom, even if it might not be as true elsewhere in the home.

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Written by Britt Hysen

Britt Hysen is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of MiLLENNiAL. In response to the branded ad campaigns absorbed by the media platform, Britt launched Kreativ Ctrl, a full-service marketing agency specializing in experiential programming and strategic partnerships.

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