There is no getting away from the fact that it is cold and thus we all need to find a feasible heating solution for our home. The only problem is that most of us need to find something which is cost-effective as well. This is even more so important at present when considering the current state of the economy and thus the need to make as many savings as possible. Nevertheless, when it comes to our heating, this proves to be difficult because electricity is generally very expensive. And, most of us have been there; receiving that dreaded bill through the door which we simply cannot afford to pay. 

Have you considered using firewood to heat your home efficiently during the winter months?

Thankfully, there is another solution that is being widely adopted in many homes throughout the country and that is to burn firewood. There are many advantages associated with this but the main one is of course that it is a lot cheaper. You can buy a big box for logs from a firewood company and they are likely to last you several of months. 

By using firewood, you are going to be in greater control of your expenditure

Moreover, you are in control of how much you spend on heating. Unless you constantly have your meter checked then you have no idea of how much money you are spending on your electricity and this is often why individuals end up experiencing a nasty surprise when the bill comes through the door. However, with firewood, you will pay for the logs upfront. Once you have done so you will then have your box there to utilize as and when you wish and thus you will be in complete control of your spending.

A lot of people prefer the type of heat that is generated by firewood – we are sure you will too

In addition to this, firewood proves to be a lot more effective and efficient when it comes to providing heat. Unlike radiators, they do not take ages to get going. Once the fire is lit you will instantly feel the warmth. Radiators usually take at least 20 minutes to heat up and you will be paying for this despite the fact that you will not be experiencing any heat yet. And even when the radiators do heat up they will fail to generate as much warmth as a fire does.

You are not going to need any electricity to heat your home in this way

There are more benefits that may be more applicable to you than others; such as the fact that firewood does not require any electricity to work. Why is this important? Well, if you live in an area which is susceptible to power outages or a far distance from any aid should your electricity trip, then it won’t be as big of a concern because you will be able to light a fire in order to generate heat and give you some visibility too. This also means that firewood is much more eco-friendly. A lot of people commit to bing more environmentally friendly as part of their New Year’s resolution, and so this is a good way to go about it. Using waste compactors and recycling properly should also be high in your list in this regard.

The benefits of firewood in full

All in all, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution in order to provide heat in your home then you should certainly consider the prospect of purchasing firewood. Via burning logs in your home, you will be able to experience a greater heat in a quicker manner whilst also saving yourself some cash – what more could you want?

A beginner’s guide to buying the right type of bags of logs for your fireplace

Nowadays, a lot of individuals opt to burn firewood in their homes as a way of staying warm. For many, it seems to be the most cost-effective solution. After all, the price of electricity seems to be extortionate these days and thus using radiators all the time can leave individuals facing hefty bills which they cannot afford to pay. 

Nevertheless, if you have never bought logs before then it can be quite confusing. This is because there is often a lot more choice at one’s disposal than people initially imagined. Thus, this article will reveal what qualities make firewood good and thus which options are the best to go for.

When you buy from a firewood company they should inform you as to the level of quality of the wood. Nevertheless to fully know how a company values their bags of logs you need to be aware of the factors which determine as to whether wood is of a high standard or not. 

So what needs to be considered when seeking firewood? First and foremost you need to concern yourself with the heat output the logs emit. After all, this is the main reason as to why you are buying firewood in the first place. You will find that most wood is rated via a number out of a hundred when it comes to the level of heat they provide – the higher the number is the greater warmth offered.

Aside from the main component of heat, you need to think about the following factors when purchasing a certain type of firewood; ease of burning, ease of splitting, how much smoke is produced, whether the wood throws a lot of sparks and how badly it smells as well. 

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the wood is easy to light – not only is this important for your convenience but nobody should spend ages messing on when fire is involved. In addition to this, the wood being easy to spilled is another important factor when it comes to practicality. 

The following aspects all concern your safety and comfort; you don’t want wood which is going to smell really bad, which is going to cause your room to be full of smoke or which is going emit dangerous fumes. These are all aspects that are damaging to your health and can cause you to suffer from bad headaches.

Having established what qualities make good bags of logs it’s time to reveal what types of wood make the best firewood and which you should keep away from. The following types of firewood are considered the best options to go for; ash, oak, beech, birch (apart from grey birch), pecan, dogwood, eastern hornbeam. However, the following types are considered to be poor quality wood and thus it is recommended that you do not purchase them; grey birch, chestnut, butternut, yellow poplar, spruce, balsam fir and willow. 

All in all, if you consider the points raised in this article then you should be best equipped in order to know what types of wood make the best bags of logs and why. 

We hope that this guide has helped you with everything that you need to know about using firewood to heat your home effectively. This is something that more and more homeowners are definitely turning to. It is not hard to see why.