Millennial Magazine- Jack Morris

©JackMorris – Barcelona, Spain

Jack Morris is a 30 year old British photographer, model, travel instagrammer and photographic app developer from Rivington, England. He has spent the past few years traversing the planet, proving that you really can earn a respectable living doing exactly what you love.

For Jack, that meant creating a popular IG channel called Do You Travel? where he is seen visiting exotic locations, staying in elevated accommodations, taking epic pictures, and getting paid by luxury brands to go along for the ride.

The Life Of The Digital Nomad

Jack is an “on the go” content creator that delivers web-based media from all corners of the world. He launched his career as a direct result of the brand/influencer relationships facilitated by Instagram. Considered a highly successful influencer, his adventures are sponsored by hospitality brands that cater to the travel market.

Millennial Magazine- Jack Morris

 ©JackMorris – Private Jet Travel

As with any good photographer, the more you work with a particular technology the more qualified you are to make advancements in the niche. Jack took his motivation and years of experience to develop two photography apps, Tone Studio (mobile photo & video editing) and DYT Presets for Adobe Lightroom (photo filter presets).

Millennial Magazine- Jack Morris

 ©JackMorris – Ibiza, Spain

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

We’ve all known the perfect “power couple”, but what happens when your favorite pair decide to part ways?

Fans of Jack have come to know him as the perfect partner to Aussie Instagrammer, Lauren Bullen, having followed their dreamy love affair for the past five years. But like a steamy Telenovela that swaps lovers like seasonal decor, so too go the dreamy Instagram couples that fill our daily feeds. In this case, it’s Jack and Lauren that have called it “quits”.

A message from Jack regarding the unexpected split.

Lauren, It’s been a dream loving you, and although it’s hard for us to even understand what made us grow apart, I’ll continue to always be there for you, and support you. -Jack

Since their break-up last March, Jack has managed to stay busy as a solo voyager. He has visited incredible destinations like Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Spain and Mexico with a comforting and long-overdue stop in his hometown of Rivington to visit his mum and dad.

Millennial Magazine- Jack Morris

©JackMorris – Dubai, UAE (L) Luxor, Egypt (R)

Currently Jack can be found skateboarding the streets of Barcelona, and enjoying the pristine white sand of Barceloneta Beach. And while the pandemic has made traveling a bit more complicated, Jack Morris remains a freebird in search of his next destination.


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