Nothing says LA quite like Sunset Boulevard – its palm tree-lined street and designer billboards make it known you’ve transported to La La Land. If you’re looking for a Bougie city escape look no further than the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood.

This secret enclave, hidden above the dazzling city lights, is best known for its relaxed sophistication and understated prestige. But what locals and loyal travelers may not know is that the hotel recently underwent a redesign to draw more attention to its “Alice in Wonderland” motif.

Pull up to the valet and you’ll immediately sense a change in the air. Not weather, but scent. Just as Alice picked up the “Drink Me” potion to enter Wonderland, guests at the Mondrian Hotel are given the subtle “Smell Me” before entering the foyer. Step one foot inside and you’re no longer on the bustling boulevard.

Yes, that signature fragrance Santal 33, which seems to be no stranger to noses in the lobby, is our sensory portal into a new world. Paired with warm lighting and sunset-colored décor accents, the hotel offers spa-like vibes creating an oasis in the middle of mayhem.

Enter Wonderland

Once checked in, it’s down the rabbit hole you’ll go. Walk past the lobby and out through the looking glass – you’ll find yourself on a majestic patio surrounded by lush garden walls and whimsical trees. Teakwood lounge chairs circle the perimeter of a petite lap pool. Window nooks provide exclusive views of the city below, creating a unique environment for day reading and afternoon cocktails.

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A bougainvillea-laced pagoda perched above hosts Skybar, the famous SBE cabana nightclub. Here, seats look more like champagne corks than stools, and every night gives reason to celebrate ‘a very merry unbirthday.’

Across the way is Ivory on Sunset. Nestled in its own cove of elegance, the restaurant gives an Italian spin on classic California fare. Rest assured – there is something for everyone on this menu. Carnivores, Pescetarians, and Vegans will be satisfied knowing the Chef pays special attention to pleasing guests of all tastes. Ask your waiter to help pair the right seasonal cocktails with menu items for a true gourmet experience.

Dinner in the Garden

Soak in the LA sunset with a Dueling Pistola. This orange cocktail, consisting of Mezcal and Tequila with a house-made fig jam gives a nod to the inseparable duo of Twiddle Dee & Twiddle Dumb, while also winking at the signature color pallet of The Mondrian Hotel. Pair the Pistola with the Stracciatella, a mozzarella and sun-dried tomato crostini, and the airy duck-sausage Gnocchi to further melt into the night.

Dive into the main course with a bone-in Ribeye, accompanied by pancetta candied Brussel Sprouts and Roasted Heirloom Carrots topped with a hazelnut granola. A sweet and savory combination will leave you scraping the plate for every last bite. Complete the decadence with a creamy Tiramisu and glass of Brut, Domaine Chandon.

Sleep with a Cheshire Grin

Make your way back through the wooded deck and up to the heavenly retreat that is your room. Hardwood floors lead you into an open and bright studio with views overlooking the city and garden below. The blue-turquoise bed frame stakes its claim as the only pop of color, reminding you of the gorgeous LA sky.

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A swivel TV mounted on a floor to ceiling pole hangs in the middle of the room giving equal views to both the living and bedroom. A cozy writing desk is next to the kitchen overlooking the living room’s deep-set lounge furniture, as closets hide behind seamless white doors.

SBE’s signature skincare collection, Ciel, sits on the bathroom counter. Checkered tiled floors lead to a glass-enclosed shower where you can gaze over the horizon. Inside awaits a dual shower head, giving you the choice of cleansing under a rainforest, handheld or both for the ultimate spa-like experience.

Stay & Play at The Mondrian Hotel

One night at the Mondrian and you’ll want to forget your life outside their walls. The charming allure and peaceful essence of the property will leave you feeling more curious than Alice as she descended down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.

Be sure to check out more from The Mondrian Hotel and SBE to book your stay!