Furnishing and decorating your place takes a lot of time and effort – with all the choices, you sometimes feel lost! The kitchen is an important part of every home, regardless if you’ll be spending a lot of time, or just a little bit, you need to furnish it the best that you can. When it comes to doing so, not only do you need to make it as practical and useful as you can but also to make it look nice and welcoming! Here are some tips and tricks for choosing the right kitchen tops for you!

Where to start?

First things first – you need to know your priorities. What are you looking for exactly? Something good looking or something practical and sturdy or all of the above? You need to be honest with yourself, if you’re ready to put aesthetics on the top of the list over practicality or are you willing to give a bit more money for something that will last you for a long time. Regardless of your plans and desires, it’s best to do a bit of research before getting the first thing that catches your eye. Look at all the different materials and see what will work best for you!


You need to know what you are looking for, decide on the overall vibe of the house or in this case – your kitchen, and work from there. If you won’t be spending a lot of time, actually using the kitchen, you might get away with choosing a good looking countertop rather than something sturdy. Marble is becoming more and more popular over the years with it’s timeless beauty, marble countertops can make any kitchen look incredible! But when choosing this fabulous material for your kitchen countertop, you need to keep some things in mind. Marble isn’t the sturdiest material out there, and it is more likely to get a bit damaged and scratched easily. But other than that, this is a great pick if you want something clean and aesthetically pleasing!


Sometimes, you don’t just buy a countertop and expect it to be perfect for as long as you use it, or is it possible? Some countertop materials look amazing at first, and are even sturdy, but  that takes maintenance. When it comes to quartz countertops vs marble, both beautiful materials, but the only difference is, one is high maintenance and one is not. Quartz is extremely forgiving, and unlike many other countertops – doesn’t need any additional hardening or protection, as it’s made from one of the hardest stones. This countertop option is not only exceptionally good-looking, but also low maintenance and durable. Once you get your hands on a nice quartz countertop, you’ll be set for a long time!


This is not for everyone, but some of the less common countertop materials are wood and even glass. Sure they do make the kitchen look interesting and pleasing to the eye, but they aren’t as practical and durable like some other materials that are in the same price range. But you can always find other ways to furnish and design your kitchen as stylish as possible, without going to the extremes. So sometimes it’s better to have a good base to work with and add interesting details if you so desire!


Some materials are just stronger than others, but that means it will cost a bit more than a regular stone would. You need to determine your budget first, before you start looking at countertop options! Granite is a  beautiful natural stone, one of the hardest stones out there. Not only is it elegant and goes with any kind of aesthetic you might like, but it’s practical as well – with its sturdiness and durability, it’s perfect for any kitchen that has to feed a big family. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have to buy new counters or fix them, granite is great in enduring high heat, any kind of scratches and damages won’t happen. Sure you’ll have to invest a bit more, as granite is on the pricier side, but look on the bright side – invest a tad more now and be set for a long time!

To wrap things up

At the end of the day, you need to have a good dose of everything, in order to get the best out of the purchase. This means looking for something durable, low-maintenance but still appealing to the eye. And don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more, it’s still your kitchen and you are allowed to splurge on something as important as that. You’ll use your kitchen a lot, so better get something good!