Why are Musicians Offering Custom Embroidery to their Fans?

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A band logo on a merch item is cool. But you know what is cooler? Sewing a custom embroidered logo on them.

Embroidery is an awesome and longer-lasting way to put your design or logo on any fabric-made merch. It was first made by human hands so it was more exclusive and expensive in the olden days. It takes practice and talent to produce quality embroidery!

But today, some of the easiest types of embroidery with basic designs like custom logo embroidery and 3D puff embroidery that you can put on a tee are done by machines. You can easily get custom embroidery made from places like Swaggin custom embroidery services in LA.

Custom Embroidery for Bands

Since many businesses are already offering custom embroidery services, music bands have taken advantage of it.

Here are the top reasons why you should too if you’re a musician:

Makes design or logo durable

First off, custom embroidery is a durable way to attach your design or logo on your chosen apparel. More durable than screen printing.

This is due to the fact that when a design or logo is embroidered, they are stitched onto the fabric. Unless you bleach it or cut the fabric, there are very few other ways you can ruin the logo on your merch.

Compare this with printing.

In embroidery, the design becomes one with the merch item, making it long-lasting.  Moreover, embroidery threads are strong and retain their color very well.

If your merch items are embroidered well, then they will surely not fade or tear even after many washings. We all know printed shirts deteriorate with every wash.

Compatible with different types of fabric

There are tons of different types of fabrics in the world and almost all of it can be printed with anything you want. Still, there are exceptions to fabric printing, but with embroidery there’s none. And that’s because we sew the design onto the fabric, not pasted on top.

A perfect example would be clothing articles made of wool, heavy cotton, or fleece fabric. Sure, printing can still be done on them, but it would not be as good as the other types of fabric. So in this situation, embroidery would be the best choice.

Gives texture and emphasis to the design

Unlike the usual fabric prints like screen printing, dye sublimation, and digital printing, embroidery offer a much more textured design.

There are some printing styles like the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Cut Vinyl printing where there is a little bit of texture, but not as much as embroidery.

Moreover, there is also a type of embroidery called 3D puff embroidery where designs are puffed up, like the Puff-up Screen Printing and Embossed Printing.

There may be different ways to achieve that puffed or embossed design, but with 3D puff embroidery, the design is not only emphasized, it is also durable.

With 3D puff embroidery, there is an emphasis on the design or logo you have sewn on your merch. It would be a great way to attract your fans and even non fans to the merch item.

Leaves a high-quality finish on the design

And finally, embroidery, if done well, will look very expensive and classy.

Even a simple logo will look beautiful. It’s because of how richly colored embroidery threads are. There are gold and silver and other metallic threads to add more life to any embroidery.

If you had your logo printed, I’m pretty sure that it would not look as classy as when it is embroidered.

You also have to keep in mind that most luxury brands for apparels have their logos embroidered. Like YSL’s custom hat embroidery on their “Saint Laurent Cap” and Fendi’s custom logo embroidery on their “Baguette Bag.” These may not be your thing but you get my drift.

Before Custom Embroidery

Before you decide to release merch items, here are some things that you have to know:

It’s more expensive than printing.

Since it is more durable than printing, it is only natural that embroidery is more expensive.

There are many factors that affect their price, though. Examples would be thread changing, which pertains to the number of colors used in a design, and stitch count which pertains to the number of stitches done to make the design.

Another thing is whether you have it directly embroidered on the apparel or have it embroidered on a patch and the patch is then sewn to the apparel.

Apparently, sewing the embroidered patch is cheaper than having it directly embroidered.

If you’re curious how much it usually costs, here’s an estimate:

You can get these patches for $1-$5 if you order in bulk. For most, you can expect to be charged $15-$20 each for custom embroidered ball caps and $20-$30 for shirts.

Not suited for all designs

As mentioned, custom embroidery charges depend on thread changing and stitch count. So it would definitely not be cost effective if you have a very colorful or large design.

The more colors it has, the more expensive it becomes. The same way that large designs have more stitch count, making it more expensive.

Embroidery is cool but can be quite expensive. If you try having them for your merch items, I suggest you make them limited edition merchandise. I’m sure fans would love them and that you’d be proud to sell them!

What do you think?

Written by Brooke Nierling

Passionate blogger, travel enthusiast and Beagle lover looking to add a bit of beauty and kindness to our world.

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