A good bedroom is one that is able to play many roles at the same time. Infusing feng shui design into your décor will promote a pleasant flow of sensual and nourishing energy, provide an environment that will entice you to enter, and calm and excite you simultaneously. Bedrooms are complete when the homeowner feels that it is a pleasurable place to be for a night of sound sleep or for making passionate love. Thus, it is obvious that the interior décor of a bedroom should be carefully planned.

Here are five practical yet simple feng shui tips that you can consider:

No Computers, TVs or Gym Equipment inside the Bedroom

Our typical lives are so hectic that we tend to multitask all the time; even when we are inside our bedrooms that are primarily meant for relaxation. It is almost the norm for televisions to be present in the bedroom because we love nothing better than seeing the news or sports events while lying in bed. We also seem to have developed a habit of taking laptop computers with us to bed to catch up on office work, and also often install fitness equipment in the bedroom so that we can work out in the privacy of its confines.

According to the classical tenets of feng shui, all these are strictly to be avoided as they bring in stress from the office and the outside world and also serve to distract us from the main task of spending quality time relaxing with our partners. Not having televisions in the bedroom also protects us from the high EMFs that are hazardous to our health.

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Keep the Atmosphere in the Bedroom Fresh

Keeping track of the quality of the air inside the bedroom is extremely important as it is not possible to relax and have a good night’s sleep if the air is stale or noxious. In residential properties, you can open up the windows and let the fresh air blow in to sweep out the pollutants. Consider putting on an air purifier when you need to keep the windows closed – they will serve to keep the room oxygenated.

To ensure that your bedroom smells pleasant you can use essential oils – they also possess healing properties, but you must be careful that you do not use fragrance oils that can have a toxic effect. Plants inside the bedroom are generally not a very good idea unless the bedroom is really very large and you can place the plants at a distance from the bed.

Use Restful Colors for Feng Shui

Millennial Magazine- Feng Shui Bedroom

The principles of feng shui advocate the use of soothing and restful colors in the bedroom so that it is conducive to restorative sleep, as well as sexual wellbeing. According to experts, the color schemes that are the best for bedrooms are those that resemble skin tones, i.e. a range that commences from pale white and goes right up to a rich brown. Do not use reds on the bedroom walls as these tend to excite the senses and will prevent you from getting good quality sleep.

Position Your Bed Properly

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in this room and positioning it properly is the key to a peaceful and pleasurable ambiance. Place the bed in such a way that you can approach it from all the four sides; resist the temptation to jam one side along a wall to create more space in the bedroom. Place bedside tables on both the sides and make sure that the bed is not in a direct alignment with the door. Ensure that you have a good quality mattress with sheets made from natural fibers that can breathe so that you are comfortable and can get a good night’s sleep.

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Select Bedroom Art That Radiates Happiness

The best selection of art for the bedroom comprises images that are a reflection of your dreams and aspirations. Choose images that are beautiful and radiate a positive energy so that you automatically feel energized when you see them. Despite their dramatic appeal, do not go in for images that are sad, lonely, and depressing.