National Park of the Week: Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is Millennial's pick for National Park of the week

Bryce Canyon is a colorful national park that is located in southwest Utah. The unique geology that is found here resembles a forest of rock pillars, or perhaps a cave with out a roof. The beauty of these limestone formations came to be from the erosional forces of ice and rain water. Hike around the maze at the base of this canyon during the day and make your way to the edge of its plateau for a vibrant and memorable sunset. On a clear night, stick around for the view above. Visibility for stargazing is incomparable due to the lack of light pollution.

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Written by Emily Whitaker

I have a passion for living in the moment. As a photographer I capture life the way my heart sees it. Capturing these moments in an authentic and genuine nature is what I strive for. Whether it be the minute details or a broad overview, I try to emphasize the natural beauty and emotional substance of a moment.

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