Many people are finding it difficult to break their routine of chronic procrastination. It is likely you often question your inability to keep true to schedules. So why donโ€™t we explore everything about the procrastinating monster and get prepared for fighting it together?

What is procrastination?

Procrastination is the act of unnecessarily postponing decisions or actions. A good example is: having plans to clear your workspace but succumbing to reading comics. Youโ€™re well aware that allowing your workspace to remain in disarray will negatively affect your productivity. Nonetheless, you opt for indulging in unnecessary activities that supply immediate gratification.

Though the underlying consequences of postponing may not be immediately apparent, procrastination leads to many harmful effects. For example, low self-awareness, poor physical and mental health, poor grades at school, and occupational delays could result from the procrastination habit.

However, the list of these unpleasant side effects is much longer. And trust us, you will be surprised after reading some of them in Brian Tracyโ€™s procrastination bookย Eat That Frog!

Why do we procrastinate?

There are several reasons why people procrastinate. And every single title from the best books on procrastination will have something new to reveal.

However, the deepest roots of it are usually the same.

Based on the psychological mechanisms explained earlier, we will touch on the common causes of procrastination. Not all items in the following list may apply to a single person. However, these causes of procrastination are often valid for a broad spectrum of people:

  • Low grasp of self-control
  • Vague goals
  • Overthinking
  • No immediate results
  • Medical condition

Proven ways to stop procrastination

According to the this article, the following five strategies should help procrastinators break the vicious chain.

  1. Reverse the procrastination triggers
  2. Work within your resistance level
  3. Do anything to get started
  4. List the costs of procrastination
  5. Disconnect