There is nothing more thrilling and exciting than the feeling of falling utterly head over heels in love! The moment you meet your soulmate, the one you have been waiting for, and soon realize they are the love of your life. You get that warm tranquil feeling, your world is now complete. Yes, it is one of the best feelings in the world. Those strange butterflies emerge in your stomach and make you think life really is worth living. You become completely wrapped up, entangled in one another’s lives, becoming the ultimate power couple that is inseparable.

Then life moves on to the next crucial steps of the relationship and the plan of your lives is put into action. You move in together, deliberate over how many children you intend to have, and even start to plan the big day, the wedding of the century. Yes, life cannot be any sweeter, now heaven is a place on earth.

When the Relationship Slowly Breaks Down

Many years pass by and now you suddenly feel that the once bright, explosive spark between you has finally burnt out. You have lost that magical chemistry and your world has turned into a continuous nightmare that seems to never end. Communication has dissolved, the affection has disappeared and now you barely utter two words to each other. You ask yourself, “what happened to us?” That once vibrant relationship has turned into a dark cloud that simply will not subside. You want more than anything in the world to discover that deep love between the two of you once again and long for that blissful affection to return.

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We all go through rough patches in our relationships and can find that the love we once possessed can slowly fade away. We cherish past memories when life was so much more pleasurable and agonize over how we can get it back. Well, guys have a little faith because here are a few tips on how you can show your loved one some affection and deepen your relationship once again.

Commit to Improvement

The first and foremost thing you need to do is commit to improving your relationship. Make that promise to yourself and make that extra effort in changing your ways, recognize what you can do to rekindle that connection. You must recreate that solid bond you onetime had and discover just what it is was that brought you together in the first place. Discuss with your partner the problems they feel may have created this barrier between you and dedicate yourself to rectifying these issues for a better future.

Be Attentive and Compassionate

In the world of relationships, silence is not golden. Remember how you used to feel when the conversation flowed naturally at dinner and the love of your life would make small gestures like asking how your day was or receiving a morning kiss before they rushed out to work? It was bliss! Get the connection back and think of the relevant questions to ask your girlfriend or your boyfriend and show an interest in your partner’s life, give them a little attention.

For example, ask how their latest work project is going or initiate the conversation by mentioning something you know they have a great interest in. There may be times when you are aware that your other half is having a bit of a rough time and is struggling to connect with you. If that’s the case then show them some compassion, try to understand how they feel, and try your utmost not to get frustrated. Communication is everything.

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Show Appreciation

As time passes in our relationship we can forget just how important it is to show our appreciation. It means a great deal to anyone to receive those small acts of kindness, even just saying thank you for little things your other half does for you on a daily basis. Bear in mind that delicious meal did not cook itself and that laundry did not magically end up nicely folded in your drawer, show your partner just how much you appreciate them by acknowledging it, thanking them, or maybe even treating them to a gift to show them how much you care.

Change it up!

Reignite those flames and explore the world together! Remember what made you so compatible in the past and what interests you share. Try new exciting things to rebuild that bond, maybe visit the nearest theme park or book a table at that top-notch restaurant you never got around to dining in. You can even revisit places of your past where you both possess happy memories that lit that spark many years ago, relive the good times, and reinvent brand new ones!

Yes, we can all find ourselves losing that strong bond with our loved ones that we once had. Time goes by and we lose sight of just what is important in life. It is up to us to salvage our relationship and recreate that magical connection, all we need is to put a little more effort in, change the errors of our ways and prioritize our time to mending our broken relationship.

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