Best Places to Use Tiles in Your Home Creatively

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Finishing a newly constructed or renovated house is a costly process. However, this shouldn’t necessarily be the case. Most people who think decorating their homes is costly often overlook how to use tiles to improve the overall aesthetic. There are endless design possibilities for decorating your home with tiles.

The increasing availability has also increased the use of tiles in most projects. Currently, ordering tiles online involves a few clicks. Tiles can be used to showcase personality and versatility in nearly every space. Among them include the following:


Tiles were initially reserved for the bathrooms only. It allows homeowners to polish and revamp these spaces without major renovations. However, apart from the standard layout, bathroom tiles can be used creatively in the following ways;

  • Wainscoting – Most contractors use wood and PVC materials for dining and living room wainscoting. However, these materials aren’t suitable for bathroom wainscoting because of water. Wainscoting, your bathroom with tiles, adds a unique character. If installed above the sink, it can also act as a perfect backsplash.
  • Border tile – Border tiles allow homeowners to add their personality affordably. For instance, you can add a mosaic or colored glass tile strip on top of the wainscoting.
  • Shower tile – You can use tiles to create zones in your bathroom. For instance, you should choose tiles with less than a 3% water absorption rate and good traction for your shower.
  • Flooring – Most people use their tiles for flooring as an alternative to wood that warps easily when exposed to water. However, consider the tile porosity when choosing your bathroom flooring tiles.

The Kitchen

Tiles shouldn’t be exclusively for the bathroom. Kitchens can also benefit from the creative use of tiles. Below are a few ways to revamp your kitchen using tiles.

  • Floor – Tiles are widely used on kitchen floors. However, you shouldn’t be traditional with your tile selection. Consider creative options, such as black and white tiles, to give your floor a modern look. You can also experiment with different tile colors to add creativity and flair.
  • Kitchen countertop – Countertops are the focal point of most kitchens. Update your countertop with tiles in neutral colors to avoid contrasting the floor.
  • Accent – You can also accent your kitchen décor by using large, decorative tiles on kitchen walls.

Outdoor Patios

Ceramic tiles are an excellent alternative to wood decks for your outdoor patios. Outdoor ceramic tiles are an excellent addition to all outdoor designs. You can choose a wide variety of tile styles for your outdoors. For instance, you can use non-slip faux wood tiles with patterns matching the surrounding stones and rocks to create a natural appeal.

Always consider the outdoor climate when selecting outdoor tiles. For instance, ceramic tiles are not good for areas with cold temperatures. They can easily freeze, compromising their impermeability to moisture, so you may want to consider porcelain tiles instead.


Tiles can also be used in entryways, laundry rooms, corridors, general floor design, customized shelves, and accent walls. Tiles offer endless color and design options that suit nearly every décor scheme.

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Written by Sylvia Hysen

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