Eric Siegfried is the 33-year-old Founder of onXmaps in Missoula, MT.  Over the past seven years he has focused on creating the most accurate land ownership data sets ever created within the GPS industry.  onXmaps clients include hunters, anglers, utility workers, land brokers, law enforcement officials, and other government officials.

His passion for geospatially organizing information for the everyday consumer has helped him excel as an entrepreneur. onXmaps has hundreds of thousands of app downloads and GPS chip sales. When not working, Siegfried enjoys being in the outdoors with his wife, whether he’s hiking, biking, hunting, backpacking, or digging up dinosaur bones on his family ranch.

1. What motivated you to start onXmaps and what were you doing professionally before launching your app?

I was motivated to start onXmaps because I was passionate about finding a solution for hunters, including myself, to be able to see public land boundaries while in the field. I knew a product that would solve that problem could help fellow hunters be more successful. Before starting onXmaps I was working as a mechanical engineering doing plumbing and HVAC design. 

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2. Describe your breakthrough moment when you knew onXmaps was going to be a successful company.

My breakthrough moment came when I figured out that it was possible to load a statewide land ownership map onto a microSD card, which could then be plugged in to a Garmin GPS unit. Making it possible to see land ownership and property boundary data on the fly while in the field. It was a simple to use solution to a major pain point for hunters and many other industries. I knew there was no competition solving this pain and told my wife that this was finally a product that could be incredibly successful and be the foundation to a great business. 

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3. Who is this app for and what has been the response within the industry?

We like to say, where Google maps ends, onXmaps begins. The app is for anybody who needs great maps while off the pavement. If you’re thinking you need a handheld GPS with great maps, you should check out onXmaps apps. We have targeted the hunting market specifically and the response has been overwhelming. It’s awesome to hear our customers rave about how much the app has helped them be confident and successful in the field.

4. What are some tips for your entrepreneurial peers?

Be confident and take risks to work in areas that you are passionate about. If you are passionate about what you do for work it is easier to be successful and it doesn’t feel like work. 

5. What are your plans for expansion and how would you like to set up 2017?

We are currently exploring other outdoor activities where we believe we can help people be more confident and successful by providing great GPS features and relevant, location-specific data. In 2017, we will launch a 3rd app targeted at another outdoor activity, as we continue to improve the reliability and usability of our current apps. We have an awesome strategy to continue to improve how people use GPS and maps while off the pavement. We will continue to be on the cutting edge of providing all outdoor activities with the most relevant, location data possible. 

Learn more about Eric Siegfried and onXmaps here.