Although polo shirts are among the most versatile items of clothing in every man’s wardrobe, they are not without their challenges when it comes to styling. It is precisely their diversity, from simple to custom polo shirts, that raises questions about how they can be worn to their true potential.

If you’re here, it means that you’ve run out of ideas for ways to style them, but don’t worry. Here is some advice that might stir your imagination and help you liven up your outfits!

Button Up

Polo shirts always have buttons, and these should not be left completely undone. Of course, the degree of buttoning varies depending on the look you are going for. If you want to be classy and combine the polo shirt with a pair of tailored pants, then it is recommended to close all the buttons.

However, if you want to dress more casually, completing your outfit with a pair of jeans or shorts, it is essential to close only the first button. You will achieve a casual yet fashionable look by leaving the last two buttons undone.

Leave the Collar Down

Don’t put the collar up! This retro style seems to be making a comeback, but it’s not a trend you want to be a part of. Whether you opt for a formal or casual look, the collar of your polo shirt should always stay down. No exceptions.

When To Tuck and When Not To Tuck

Perhaps the biggest question when it comes to styling polo shirts is when to tuck them in and when not to. Although it seems like a complicated and tricky issue, things are actually quite simple. Never tuck in your polo shirt when you’re wearing shorts.

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Tuck it in when you’re wearing trousers and want to go for a formal look instead of a casual one. In other situations, it depends on your personal preferences and how you feel most comfortable.

Wear it With Shorts

When warm weather arrives, it’s the perfect time to get your shorts out of the closet. In case you were wondering if polo shirts go with shorts, the answer is yes. And they match really well! Of course, you should avoid sweatpants. Since polo shirts are relatively elegant, you shouldn’t wear them with sportswear, which is why that combination should be avoided.

Experiment With Colors

Don’t limit yourself to just two or three colors when it comes to polo shirts. Although many people only opt for white, blue, or navy shirts, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with as many colors as possible. If you’re still not sure how to pair colored polo shirts with trousers, you can take the safe route at first and wear them with khaki or black trousers. It’s not a myth that black goes with everything, so don’t worry, you are safe from the fashion critics.

Choose Customized Items

Get out of your comfort zone and try to put your personal stamp on your wardrobe. The best way to do this is by customizing items in your wardrobe, and the best place to start is with polo shirts. See which patterns you like and take the bold step of creating your own design that is sure to fit your personal style.

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Don’t Wear it With an Undershirt

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to styling polo shirts is wearing them with an undershirt. If you’re afraid you’ll get chilly, better take a jacket with you, but never opt for an undershirt. Most of the time, its shape shows through the polo shirt, and as a result, it gives a misshapen look to the whole outfit.

Go Beyond Jeans

Although the safest option is to pair the polo with jeans, there are so many other possibilities and options that are sure to compliment your outfit. Some of the trendiest combinations include pairing polo shirts with pleated trousers and even suits. As long as you wear it with confidence, a polo can be combined with almost anything!