Trends in Ties for Men

Whether you’re figuring out which tie to wear to work today or you’re prepping for a romantic date with your loved one later tonight, your shirt and tie combination makes a big statement for you. The clean, crisp, professional look has been drawing the attention of women since male hotties like Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl sported a suit that made Mr. Bass, just oh so dreamy. And you can’t forget Justin Timberlake’s latest hit song “Suit and Tie” because; you just can’t go wrong with JT and his advice. The best kind of combinations from shirt to tie can go from simple to daring, but either way, it’s nice to be up on the current trends in ties for men.

grey shirt black tieA neutral colored button down like grey goes well with a matte black finished tie – very simple and not too matured of a look. Easily take off the tie when you’re off work and you’re dressed for beers at the local pub with your bros.

Missing the sound of the waves this winter season? Wear it on you with a light blue button down and chambray-colored tie. It’s like looking at the sky and the sea at the same time.

patterns-with-stripesIt’s not Easter yet, but why not pair a striped button down with matching colored tie. Match the color of your tie to the thinner lines in your shirt to make the color pop. It’s a nice blend.

Let’s give that striped tie that you’ve put on the backburner for a long time some showtime. Look at the tie and see what colors are there, but doesn’t pop out as much as the rest of the other stripes. This look is great for weddings.

Want to be daring? People may question your choice of mixing and matching patterns, but that’s what’s in style right now. The more daring the better. Just don’t go too crazy and mix too many colors too – you might just look like a clown. Mix checkered with diagonal lines, barely noticeable stripes paired with a dotted tie, or a dotted shirt with a square patterned tie. The shapes won’t matter as much, but make sure you focus on the colors that you’re pairing together. They should complement each other, not look like a bunch of different fabrics sewn together.

tie combinations

Can’t figure out what size of tie to wear? I always find that the skinnier the tie, the better, but that’s based on preference. You can also go for the alternative and get a bow tie. Put that skinny tie or bow tie on with a fitted suit, and you’re sure to turn heads.



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Written by Roxine Ami

Roxine graduated from Woodbury University in 2013 with a BA in Communication. She loves to read, write, has danced all her life, and can't escape DIY projects.

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