5 Ways to Pamper Yourself That Won’t Break Your Budget

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Our lives move fast, as the days typically start and end with speed. There’s never enough time in the day to get X, Y and Z done. There should be enough time, however, for you to soak in some relaxation, practice self-care and just enjoy the moment. Everyone deserves some downtime—and it doesn’t have to empty your checking account. Check out these five ways that can give your day or week a boost.

A.M. Fruit Boost

Rather than jolt your system with a cup of coffee, brighten your morning with a homemade superfood smoothie. Many people avoid smoothie goodness — and miss out on the nutrients — for a number of reasons, including time and money. The good news is that Well+Good lays out seven $2 recipes with only a few ingredients that are all available at Trader Joe’s. Set your alarm to five minutes earlier and energize your day with an enviable smoothie that’ll make your tastebuds and health smile.


It’s a long handle, but it’s worth the follow. Reese’sBookClubxHelloSunshine Instagram account is “a community celebrating women’s stories, curated by @reesewitherspoon for @helloshine.” By joining this community, you’ll find inspiration and Reese’s latest reading recommendation of the month. (Make sure to check your local library for when the books become available.) You can also turn your commutes (and other idle moments) into an opportunity to relax and escape into a story by listening to an audio version or her podcast How It Is.

Shopping Methodology

Wait, what? Go shopping as an inexpensive way to treat yourself? Of course, your checking account can take a big hit with some shopping. But the key is to reframe your shopping experience. First, research. Be intentional and take the time to research quality products that are 1. affordable and 2. within a predetermined budget. The Financial Diet, a personal finance and living better blog, offers a roundup of luxurious beauty products that won’t cost you more than $20. You can also find a list of affordable online beauty brands by woman-empowerment site Verily. Make your shopping more about finding great finds that feel special than splurging in bulk — the whole experience can be more rewarding.

At-Home Spa

Unless you’re jet setting to the crystal blue warm waters of Bora Bora, the next best way to indulge in luxury relaxation is at a spa. But the millennial generation is no longer indulging in just pedicures or facials; they’re getting worldly treatments like mineral baths, thalassotherapy or full-body scrubs. If you have a sybaritic taste in restoring your mind and body, then it’s in your financial best interest to invest in creating your own sanctuary at home. Little additions like peace lilies and bamboo, a wooden tub caddy, Lush products and oil diffusers can give your bathroom that gold-star spa effect. Apartment Therapy even recommends hanging a bundle of fresh eucalyptus from a shower head to imitate a sauna’s aromatherapy room. And speaking of shower heads, if yours doesn’t make you excited to shower, it’s time to upgrade to one that offers multiple water streaming options.

Queen of the Kitchen

Cooking can be work when you’re rushing against time to get dinner on the table. But cooking can also be therapeutic, starting with finding a delicious and healthy new recipe to try. Start by going slowly while shopping for the ingredients (don’t forget to pick up a bottle of wine to sip with each chop, stir or sprinkle). Then make sure your kitchen space clean. Listen to a podcast or play music for ambience. The focus it takes to cook can take on a meditative state, which helps melt away stress and overthinking. As aromas begin to emerge and the kitchen comes alive, cooking can become a trance-like experience. Not only is cooking pleasurable, but it can be healthier and less expensive than eating out. Get creative with leftovers and the remaining ingredients.

Getting pampered and feeling like a queen doesn’t have to be a fancy affair. The simple things in life like a fruity smoothie or a home-cooked meal can make a difference in your day. It’s all about appreciating these moments and recognizing the humble impact they can make on your mind, body and soul.

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Written by Millennial Staff

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