City of the Week: Bath, England


City of the Week: Bath, England

Over 2,000 years ago, the village-like city of Bath, England was made famous due to the Romans’ discovery of its natural hot spring waters. The architect, John Wood, is responsible for many of the unique and stately Georgian neoclassical buildings that give Bath its old world charm. Each of the structures are made of “bath-stone”- a limestone material that exudes a warm creamy tone with strength that has held up against time. Hop on a train or bus while in London, and you will arrive in Bath in less than 1.5 hours.


Emily Whitaker

I have a passion for living in the moment. As a photographer I capture life the way my heart sees it. Capturing these moments in an authentic and genuine nature is what I strive for. Whether it be the minute details or a broad overview, I try to emphasize the natural beauty and emotional substance of a moment.

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