There is no denying it – the future of our planet is in dire straits, and we must change the way we live immediately if we are to preserve our world for future generations

If everyone in the world does what they can, the damage being done to planet Earth will diminish, and the future will be brighter. Here are 4 ways to improve the future of our planet

Educate Yourself and Others

The best way to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to saving the planet is to educate. Put yourself at the grassroots level and do the teaching yourself if you feel that authorities in your area lack the skills.

Check out college courses online or at a university that allows you to study Global Education with an elementary focus. Once you attain accreditation, you could set up a business teaching the local community about social justice, human rights, and actions for a sustainable future.

Be Aware of What You Eat

It is crucial that we eat more plant-based products and reduce our meat and dairy consumption. Animals need to be housed on large areas of land, fed, and watered. Meat and dairy products need to be packaged and transported around the world. This whole process contributes to 15% of the planet’s greenhouse gases.

A massive problem is food wastage. Around 30% of the food products produced in the world is wasted. It is important that you do not over-buy perishable food, which has to be thrown out before you have time to use it. You should also cook sensibly sized meals and freeze fresh food and leftovers.

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Recycling your waste is paramount. Mining, logging, quarrying, refining, and processing raw materials create water and air pollution, which increases damage to the ozone layer. Reusing and turning materials into new products reduces the need to make more products which deplete precious natural resources.

When biodegradable products such as food and paper are not recycled and they enter landfills, they decompose. During decomposition, methane gas is produced – a potent pollutant.

Be Smart with Travel

Travel doesn’t just damage the planet by destroying the ozone layer with toxic emissions. The travel industry causes soil erosion and depletes forests when cleared to make roads and railway lines (destroying the habitat of hundreds of animals). Approximately 100,000 square kilometers of land is degraded every year.

It’s not just the fuel from planes, trains, and automobiles that is harmful to the environment – airlines and train companies sell and serve food onboard vehicles packaged in plastic containers.

Before you travel, stop to think about the impact your actions may have on the environment. If you want to jump in the car to the shops, ask yourself if the trip is essential or could you walk there easily? Always try to walk or cycle to work or on errands. If this isn’t possible, share transport with a colleague. If you must own a motor vehicle, opt for an electrically powered one.

It is vital that you think about how your day-to-day living affects the planet and how you can cut down your carbon footprint. Doing your part, no matter how minor it may seem, will help in the battle to preserve our beautiful planet.

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