The gaming world is replete with word games of all types and sorts. The google play store, the hub of mobile devices based on android, features some top-class word games that offer excellent gameplay and are hugely popular. But many such games available on the platform make it particularly hard for word game enthusiasts to find and play the games that will delight them the most. But no worries, this article will help you in the same. Some of the better android word games that seasoned players recommend are as follows:

Sticky terms

While indeed this word requires you to form words from its constituent parts, it is far from being a mere anagram game. You can use an unscrambler while playing this game or the others we mention in this article, which is a beneficial tool for Word enthusiasts. On the contrary, in this game, you need to drag and place back words that have been transformed into tactile puzzle pieces. You need to form a phrase that has no direct match in other languages at each game level.

The game starts with puzzles that you can hardly make out as letters, which makes the game pose a significant challenge to the player. But the game appeals to a broad audience consisting of both fans of word games and puzzles. The entire period you spend playing this game is enjoyable, thanks to the excellent language play and the interaction it provides. The game’s controls feature a smart design and are tactile as well. The typography used by the game is good enough for the real world.

Ai Dungeon

The ai dungeon uses an intriguing traditional text adventure mechanic combined with an ai capable of creating unique stories in real-time. In terms of games and experiences that you are already familiar with, ai dungeon is a Zork like game. However, it is forever being rewritten by a set of writers who can’t agree on what happens next.

To sum up, the whole experience of playing ai dungeon; the word “fascinating” comes to mind. The statement holds for both people who have or don’t have played mainstream text adventures before. However, it does come with the downside, the stories may get upended, and that the depiction of locations, people, and objects is often hazy. That makes this game unsuitable for text adventure enthusiasts looking for a solid gameplay experience crafted by hand.

What makes AI adventure stand out is the unlimited prospect of playing in narrative worlds that have only been dreamt of before. The game lets you enjoy the narrative world provided by the in-built examples that the game offers. Or you can simply let the AI create an adventure with you feeding it with a couple of lines of introductory texts.


If you are a spelling nazi, then typochondria is the perfect game explicitly meant for you and your brethren (I hope the spelling was right). Unlike the perception you might have about the game considering its preoccupation with spelling, the game is quite fun to play. The game is especially suitable as a manual practice tool for proofreaders or editors who must contend with spotting all sorts of typos and spelling errors. The game gets quite racy at times and might even wrack your nerves when you have a handful of seconds to spot that final spelling mistake.

You can also choose to take things easy and cut down on the stress caused by the nerve-racking finishes by playing in the game’s zen mode. In this mode, you can carry on riskless gameplay in a relaxed manner until you wish.

For spelling Nazis who never walk away from a challenge, especially when it comes to spelling, the game offers a formidable challenge mode too. In this game mode, you need to spot the number of spelling mistakes on a given page of text.

Alphabear 2

The original Alphabear is a favorite amongst critics. Its sequel Alphabear similarly excels as a game mixing furry bears with anagrams. The game uses a grid where all the action takes place. You use this grid to select letters to form words eventually. The letters you use to create words vanish, and the gaps are instead filled with anagrams. There are countdowns to the letters reaching zero, which take place in turns. When such a countdown reaches zero, the tile transforms into a stone which pours water over your dreams of creating a gigantic bear.

The timing restrictions imposed on levels work well to spruce up the game and make it more challenging. The game also features a meta-game that tends to baffle players. It lets you collect bears that unlock a wide variety of bonuses. The game also consists of plenty of educational content, which makes playing the game worthwhile and not just to test and improve your vocabulary skills.

Poets and writers are not the only people who like to play with words. There are plenty of word enthusiasts who want to flex their vocabulary muscles in a somewhat less creative way. This article should have acquainted you with several word games that are sure to test and enhance your vocabulary. They will entertain and engage in the Android platform while playing.