Almost everyone uses some kind of deodorant to make sure that they smell good and maintain the kind of personal hygiene standards that are typical in the 21st century.

However, it’s surprisingly easy to choose the wrong type of deodorant, so here are a few signals that you are making this mistake yourself.

You are sweating too much

If you are using deodorant but still find yourself sweating an excessive amount and leaving unsightly damp patches on your clothing, then chances are you are one of the many people who doesn’t realize that there is a difference between this type of skincare product and antiperspirant.

Deodorant is just about dealing with body odor, while antiperspirant is specifically designed to stop sweat by blocking your pores. If you switch to an antiperspirant but find that you are still sweating an excessive amount, you may be suffering from hyperhidrosis. Thankfully with these clinical strength antiperspirants you can stifle your sweating and regain your confidence.

There are marks on your clothing

Deodorants and antiperspirants alike can cause your clothing to accumulate visible marks, which will be all the more obvious on lighter color fabrics. This can shorten the lifespan of your tops and shirts, as well as being another embarrassing aesthetic issue which you might want to overcome.

Marks like this could be due to the brand of product you are using, and it is typically the more affordable options that are prone to delivering unsightly deposits such as this. Meanwhile the higher end alternatives can be formulated to minimize the likelihood of this occurring.

Finally, it is worth considering that you are simply applying far too much of your chosen deodorant, meaning that the excess is hanging around for long enough to soak into your clothing. Be conservative with your application in the morning and you should see an improvement.

Your skin is irritated

Skin irritation can be down to a number of different root causes, but if you find that you are often feeling sensitive under your arms whatever the weather and no matter the season, then your deodorant or antiperspirant is the likeliest culprit.

You could experiment by changing to rival brands or opting for natural alternatives, but the only surefire way to find out what particular ingredient is causing you grief is to consult a dermatologist, who will be able to pinpoint the problem and let you know which products to avoid, saving you time and money.

You aren’t getting compliments

Ultimately the purpose of any deodorant-style product is to make you smell attractive, and if you have been using the same product year after year and no one has ever complimented you on your scent, then perhaps this is the perfect excuse to make a change.

Alternatively, why not use a fragrance-free antiperspirant, and then choose a more appealing perfume or cologne to get the desired effect? As always, if you try to make savings in this area it could be a false economy, so do not be afraid to save up for higher cost products which work better and last longer.