Jenna Paulette is a Modern Cowgirl with new single “ILYSM”

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“ILYSM” is Jenna Paulette ‘s newest single, and if it’s any inclination we know she’ll be serving us a little bit of country meets pop glam in her music and style in everything she does. Jenna sat down with MiLLENNiAL to discuss her influences and what’s next for her.

ILYSM is such a bop! What is the song about to you?

Heck yes! I love that you said that. Thank you.  It’s about how I was feeling right before I got married. I was crazy in love with my husband who played basketball in college and all I wanted was for his last name to be my last name and not just the name on the back of his jersey haha.

Where do you draw inspiration for your music and how do you feel it has influenced your writing?

I try to really listen for interesting things people say and I LOVE reading magazines because they are FULL of those little things people say! And sometimes ideas just come to me, but that works best when I find time to sit and really think. I am an internal processor.

How did you get your start in the music industry?

I started driving back and forth from Texas to Nashville before I officially moved here. I started making friends with people and asking people to write with me! It’s a weird industry because it’s not like you start out working for a company and those are your coworkers… you kinda create your coworkers/cowriters. It’s a relationship based town. It’s all starts with friendship and being really honest. When the vibe is right and people are comfortable that’s when the best songs get written.

What has been the most defining moment in your career?

Last fall I started to not be as aware of what people might think about me on stage, as a performer, in the writing room etc. That’s when I think I got interesting to watch. People who can abandon thinking about themselves in a negative way are really free. When I realized that and it started becoming a part of my writing and performing process is when things started happening for me… I am really thankful because I want to base my career on that kind of attitude.

Who do you feel your music attracts most? Do you feel you belong to a particular genre?

I definitely feel like I fit the country genre most, but I think I appeal to people that love a wide range of music, people that listen to both pop and country. People like me!

Your style is so unique and such a complement to your music–how would you describe it? Where do you shop?

Oh my gosh! Thank you. I think I would describe it as the “Modern Cowgirl.” I like to add just a touch of western to whatever I am wearing, but keep it fashion forward, fun and just casual enough. I feel like I can get away with wearing my cowgirl hat on stage, working at our ranch, and occasionally out on a Friday night for fun! The way I add the west into my day look is by adding one thing western (probably an accessory: a belt, boot, pin, or rhinestoned something), but keep the rest of the look pretty sleek. I love shopping at Free People (jeans, Ts, Jackets), Boot Barn (Hats, belts, boots), Zara + XXI for trendy fun pieces!

What’s next for Jenna Paulette!?

Well, I am pretty sure I will be putting another single out here in the nearish future (I am thinking early June!) and hopefully I will get to start playing more and more shows. I love that part of the job!

What do you think?

Written by JD Hysen

JD Hysen is a fin-tech writer and music critic for Millennial Magazine. As host of The TrueMan Show, he covers all things related to stocks, tech and culture. He's a market analyst by day and a music scout by night, combing venues in search of fresh acts and noteworthy performances.

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