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Tom Postilio and Mickey Conlon stand out even among the exclusive coterie of New York’s “super brokers.”  Responsible for more than $2 billion in residential sales and co-stars of HGTV’s Selling New York, married partners, Tom & Mickey, have been named among the Top 1,000 Real Estate Professionals in the United States by REAL Trends and the Wall Street Journal. Internationally renowned for their command of the global luxury real estate market, the heralded “Dream Team” is the top-pick for a Who’s Who list of celebrity clients that includes Barry Manilow, Joan Collins, Michael Feinstein, Liza Minnelli, and David Sanborn.

MiLLENNiAL caught up with the dynamic duo to get their take on Manhattan’s luxury real estate market, trends in millennial homeownership, and the challenges that come from being partners in business and real life.

Tell us about your business partnership and how it came to be

TOM: We are partners in real estate and real life, but we did our due diligence before teaming up. We talked to a bunch of couples who worked together and we made a pact that our relationship would always come first.

MICKEY: In our case, we were very fortunate, instead of taxing our relationship, it made us stronger. The synergy made our business explode, and even added balance to our personal life.

What would you say is your expertise in the Real Estate industry?

TOM:  Aside from knowing every neighborhood and predicting market trends, one of the things we pride ourselves on is how we always work diligently to make sure that our clients are not experiencing any of the stress that may sometimes come with a real estate transaction.

MICKEY: We’re constantly reinventing the way we do business to get ahead of the curve.  We’d like to think that we’re not only revolutionizing the experience for our clients, but also setting trends for the industry as a whole.

What is your preferred area?  Your specialty?

MICKEY: Real estate, especially in New York City, is a lifestyle-driven commodity.  We can delve deeper than square feet or a list of pricey finishes to deliver exactly what the consumer is looking for, which is the fantasy around what it might be like to live in any one of these beautiful properties.  

TOM:  Drawing from our show business backgrounds, each listing gets the complete dramatic treatment of script, choreography, lighting and design to attract buyers. A lot of people approach this  business systematically. We focus our energy on determining how each unique story will be told.

Do you have a plan or formula set to ensure and continue your growth as partners?

TOM:  It’s all for one, and one for all. We try to always focus on the greater good. And, you must be equal partners!

MICKEY: Maintaining a separation of home life and work life is the probably the most difficult thing about working together. We always try to be mindful of that, but even when we are at home cooking dinner, we somehow wind up talking about whatever may be going on with our clients.  

What trends are you seeing among Millennials in the NYC market?

MICKEY: We’ve noted that millennials are coming back to the city in droves. For many, the decision begins with how they want to raise their children. Diversity, culture, and some of the best schools anywhere may carry a price that people are willing to pay, even if one must sacrifice square footage and a backyard.

TOM: Technology is playing a major role, too.  We don’t rely as much on car ownership, or proximity to stores.  Much of what we need can be delivered with lightning speed at the touch of a button.  

What do you predict the future holds for the NYC real estate market?

TOM: The New York residential market has corrected recently, which is a good thing.  Over the course of the past several years, the market climbed so high, so quickly, that it seemed to most that the rise was unsustainable and could result in a crash landing.  The correction has brought us gently back to earth, and the pace of the market is very healthy. 

MICKEY: New York is in better shape than most markets because it is a global city that has repeatedly demonstrated its resilience as an asset class.  Plus, we’ve pushed ourselves right to the edges of our borders, so land isn’t becoming any less valuable.  The only way to go is up — in every sense of the word!

Tom Postilio and Mickey Conlon Properties

Tom & Mickey are brokers with Douglas Elliman, a reputable NYC Real Estate brokerage firm established in 1911. Visit their website or Instagram account to learn more about Manhattan’s own Super Brokers or to search for your “dream home” in the New York City area.

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